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City Council Agenda: Cabbies vs. liveries, CSX and if we have a “Philadelphia Plan” can we also have a “Chicago Plan”?

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

At Worcester Mag on Tap last Thursday City Councilor Joe Petty told me

Photo by Brittany Durgin

that this week’s council meeting was going to be a doozy (not a direct quote). After a look at the agenda, there’s definitely going to be some fireworks.

Sam Rosario has filed twelve petitions on behalf of the livery companies asking the city council to look into what he believes are irregularities in the enforcement of livery/taxi laws and the transfer of cab medallions. Speaking with him this morning, he said he plans to address the council (if they’ll let him) and have the gallery and hallway packed with the livery drivers and their families who were there last Tuesday.

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Record votes for Best of!

Posted by Brittany Durgin

Best of Worcester surveys have been coming in at a fierce rate, making forĀ a record number of votes. We’re very close to hitting 4,000 submissions, so if you have been putting off the time when you cast your ballot, don’t wait. Voting ends this Friday, and we’d love to see 4,000 of you deciding on Worcester’s best!

Worcester Mag’s best of survey

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