Ha-Tien fire photos

Photos by Steven King

Ha-Tien Oriental Market place at 892 Main St. caught fire this afternoon. The two-alarm blaze brought nearly ten 10 trucks to the scene and thick gray smoke settled over the Main Street strip between Grand and Wyman streets.

The daughter of the store owners, Mindy Nguyen, confirmed that that fire started in the basement, and firefighters could be seen aiming their hoses under the building.

Capt. William Metterville, WPD Public Information Officer, said the owner of the store was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation, but was not transported to a hospital.

The fire is expected to take especially long to put out, since the basement is packed with boxes. Capt. Metterville called the fire “very stubborn,” and added that he hadn’t seen a fire like this take so long to put out in twenty years. No cause has been determined.

Smoke was seen coming out of the neighboring businesses Best Chinese Restaurant and Super Discount, but firefighters were concentrating their efforts on Ha-Tien.



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8 responses to “Ha-Tien fire photos

  1. What the heck is a weekly doing covering this?
    Stick to profiling people WOMAG, not fires.
    It’s belongs in the T&G’s purview.

    Nicely covered ?

  2. Ya know what you guys otta do instead of wasting time and money on that Council live blogging nonsense. Open up your magazine articles for online discussion.

    Some of the stuff you guys publish needs clarification.
    Who better to do that than your intelligent readers. Ahem.

    If the T&G and InCity does it, why don’t you?
    But who the heck wants to post at InCity?

    So whata ya say Wusta?
    Should WOMAG start discussion threads on their articles?

    All in favor raise your hands.

  3. t-traveler

    what about posting the articles online as a wiki then the clarification becomes part of the article.

  4. Matt

    Glad everybody is okay. Will they be able to open again soon?
    Also-whaddya think they are covering it for? Cause it’s in WORCESTER and it affects the area…
    Duh? Let me guess, you don’t like asian food huh?

  5. Matt, again

    Also-have you considered the less obvious side to this story? An accidental fire, but what a perfect cover for the real motivation we all know lurks in the ashes. That being, the depraved sex act of none other than… a sexual arsenist.
    No law enforcement would back this up stating “No, that doesn’t even make sense” when asked. However, aren’t most crimes motivated by a criminal’s obsession with sweet licking flames of pleasure, covered up by an accidental fire?
    There has been a history of fires in Worcester for some time now. Could we be on the cusp of discovering a long encrusted trail of pleasure flaming? The only way these shadowy freaks of nature can reach climax is, of course, through the tantalizing sting of hellish fire and just like a junkie back for another fix, so to will the sexual arsenist. I’ll be waiting to put this scumbag in jail or hell first, where the flames of justice will be too hot, even for this seasoned sexual arsenist.

  6. Cse7en

    @ Matt, I need help. I like to have sex near the campfire when I am out camping; I like the heat of the fire on my body and the warm orange glow lighting the body of myself and the woman. I have read the case studies and FBI profiles I have seen that this is the biggest warning sign for someone who is going to become a sexual arsonist. Do you know of any treatments or have any advice to help me to be normal!?

  7. Insightful Matt

    @Cse7en. Good lord kid, your on the white phosphorous, slippery slope to a mid life ignition of…sexual arsen. I’m sorry, the professionals called me a arrantly pretentious “misguided nut”, but this PRODIGY of pyro-errotic patterning knows one when he hastly judges one-SON YOU GOT A PROBLEM. You might think “he spelt arsonist wrong-what would this guy know? I feel so alone, except…” WHEN THE FLAMES OF YOUR CHARRED INHABITIONS RISE LIKE FLOOD WATER ONLY TO BE SQUELCHED BY THE FIRE DRAGON YOU CAN’T SEEM TO EVER…MATCH…AGAIN!

    The first step is admitting that your insatiable lust for fire is why you went “out camping”.

    Cse7en, every normal person-every human with some non-exothermic moral fiber, knows camping with a woman is just…A COVER-UP FOR SOME INSIDIOUS SEXUAL ACT INVOLVING YOUR ONLY AUTHORITY; that of sanctifying fire. The sooner you admit this, the sooner you will be on the right side of the redox tracks.
    1.Try to hold back on your “glow”ing lust for fire and go camping like the rest of the civilized world.
    Go freezing cold, womanless and with the only rational heat available-the very will to not freeze to death. To you, this seems odd because-NOW REPEAT AFTER ME-“I am a sexual arsonist.”

    2.Know thy self. You need to realize the woman is not what you wanted, but rather, she was an unsuspected vehicle for your yearn to burn-AND-INABILITY TO REACH CLIMAX WITHOUT FLICKERING FLAMES OF PLEASURE DANCING DOWN YOUR SPINE! Without the fire, it’s like a cup half empty to you.Fire is your Viagra, the rest of us know how to use our pasty cold bodies to generate arousal with our woman without a main line slam of fire. But you can find solice in the face of your achilles’ heel, strength in your weaknesses. Your sick twisted and ravenous cravings for carbon, give you a unique ability to find pleasure where few can. You’re unique, special, GIFTED.
    Soon the woman in your life will tire of your “camping” trips and you’ll find yourself alone with a book of safety matches listening to joy division’s where will it end-or even the more hard core arsonist head music like edger meyer. You must recognise these signs before they lead you down the road to self inflamation pleasuring.

    3. Guiding lights of sanity. One day, you can be normal like the rest of us-THERE’S HOPE SON-HANG ON cse7en HANG ON. People may cross your path to self gratifying flaming to spread their pearls of wisdom about what we all know you’re really up to on your “camping” trips. They will inquire about your motives as though you are a homebread woodland ninja of hatred ready to ruin all that is American and normal. They may HELPFULLY stalk you day and night with their dogs, knowing full well that you aren’t the cream puff baked Alaskan you soundly profess with your fancy coleman thermose or your over rated “sleeping bag”(I mean only carzies use those for self asphyxiation to get off). You may shun these beacons of light at first. You may think “I wish these fat tick like paranoid ***holes would go find a re-run of cops to watch instead of projecting their own self inflicted insecurities on me.” However, in time you will realize, just like dogs with a sixth sense, they can smell the sizzling remain’s of your own fire laced randevous with pyro-passion(they know).

    4. Who can say, only time. Time-you poor confused wild child-who can say what your fire breathing heart will grow as your life flows, only time. Le-da da day…ledada duhda…leda, dedede day. In time, the road will hopefully not go down an abandoned building filled with combustable materials and faulty live wiring-where you, and only you the sexual arsonist will commit the heated depraved sex act of flame enveloped self gratification. Hopefully, if you follow my inertly, non-flamable steps to recovery, then soon the brilliant flames of tantricly tantilizing reasons why you won’t say goodbye to your flaming heart, will sail away,sail away. If these steps don’t help, then I don’t why. You can, if you aren’t to busy “camping” with your woman, hear the rain of pyropleasure redemption-late at night you will drift away…leaves on trees, deep blue sees, mysteries. You will hear the name of sanity iiiin the raaain-listen to the rain.

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