Google’s FTTH application for residents

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In the news this week was the story “Is Worcester Getting Enough Fiber?” which talks about the city’s bid for Google to come in and build fiber-to-the-home (incredibly) high-speed internet.

A lot of questions remain as Google is keeping pretty quiet about this, but that hasn’t stopped tons of cities from applying. To fully understand how much work goes into the city side of the application, and what residents and community groups need to know to advocate for their city, go to Google’s Request for Information page.

Worcester’s response has been pretty tame sane compared to other cities. Just days after the mayor of Topeka, KA officially (or as close as their city solicitor would let them) changed its name to Google, KA, Duluth, MN topped that by (jokingly) announcing all first-born males in the city would be named Google Fiber. Females would get the name Googlette Fiber.


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    your rock WoMAg

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