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Ha-Tien fire photos

Photos by Steven King

Ha-Tien Oriental Market place at 892 Main St. caught fire this afternoon. The two-alarm blaze brought nearly ten 10 trucks to the scene and thick gray smoke settled over the Main Street strip between Grand and Wyman streets.

The daughter of the store owners, Mindy Nguyen, confirmed that that fire started in the basement, and firefighters could be seen aiming their hoses under the building.

Capt. William Metterville, WPD Public Information Officer, said the owner of the store was treated on the scene for smoke inhalation, but was not transported to a hospital.

The fire is expected to take especially long to put out, since the basement is packed with boxes. Capt. Metterville called the fire “very stubborn,” and added that he hadn’t seen a fire like this take so long to put out in twenty years. No cause has been determined.

Smoke was seen coming out of the neighboring businesses Best Chinese Restaurant and Super Discount, but firefighters were concentrating their efforts on Ha-Tien.



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Fire on Main Street

As of 12:50 p.m. Friday afternoon Ha-Tien on Main Street is on fire. Roughly 10 fire trucks are at the scene, working to put the fire out. Traffic is backed up to the intersection of May Street. Check back as Worcester Mag continues to update the situation.

Update 1:09 p.m – This is a two-alarm fire. Firemen are breaking down windows and walls to get in, and they are aiming their hoses into the basement. According to Lieutenant Steve Rousseau, “we haven’t been in there, but initial reports are it’s in the cellar. That’s all we know.” There’s also reports that the basement is packed wall-to-wall with stuff which could make it difficult for the firefighters to get in. No injuries reported.

Update 1:15pm – Conflicting reports on if anyone was injured. EMT’s on the scene say no one was injured, but another source says two people were taken away for smoke inhalation.


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Google’s FTTH application for residents

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In the news this week was the story “Is Worcester Getting Enough Fiber?” which talks about the city’s bid for Google to come in and build fiber-to-the-home (incredibly) high-speed internet.

A lot of questions remain as Google is keeping pretty quiet about this, but that hasn’t stopped tons of cities from applying. To fully understand how much work goes into the city side of the application, and what residents and community groups need to know to advocate for their city, go to Google’s Request for Information page.

Worcester’s response has been pretty tame sane compared to other cities. Just days after the mayor of Topeka, KA officially (or as close as their city solicitor would let them) changed its name to Google, KA, Duluth, MN topped that by (jokingly) announcing all first-born males in the city would be named Google Fiber. Females would get the name Googlette Fiber.

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