Ebert on privatized parking

Roger Ebert has been in the news of late because of a recent Esquire profile that includes painfully candid photos of the famous film critic with much of his jaw removed because of cancer. Ebert’s blog is one of the most eloquent and thoughtful anywhere, and his most recent entry about the country’s financial situation is especially provocative. At one point, Ebert addresses the privatizing of parking in his native Chicago, a topic Worcester Mag reporter Jeremy Shulkin addressed in a story about a similar proposal in Worcester. Check out Ebert’s take.



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3 responses to “Ebert on privatized parking

  1. As a movie buff, I’ve always relied in large part on (Siskal &) Ebert’s recommendations.
    Without a doubt he has a way with the written word.

    Hey J-man you’re a lot more interesting than Zoback ever was. Keep it up!

    Sorry, can’t make it to the beer bash. They won’t let us out after 6pm.

  2. Paul Cooney

    Thanks for putting me on to that post! Reaallly good article on privatization…

    It’s an interesting time in this country’s history and our politics…I wonder if anyone else out there read this article by Ebert or if they have and just haven’t posted anything?

    Can you IMAGINE anyone in Worcester being forced to pay $3.50 to park….it would be deafening!

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