City Council agenda: City health insurance benefits, CitySquare and the return of the bag ban

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The city council agenda revisits some old friends tomorrow (CitySquare, plastic bags, a touch of section 19), and Konnie Lukes is all over it.

Last week Lukes put in a request to see what options the city has in taking over CitySquare through eminent domain, but per the request of City Manager Mike O’Brien, she held it off for a week as the Hanover’s announcement was coming. Since the news is now out there it’ll be interesting to see how far she pursues this.

City Solicitor David Moore has also written up a two page report on the feasibility of banning plastic bags from retail stores, in which he says there are a couple more things to consider before drafting a ban.

City Manager Mike O’Brien has released his report on health insurance benefits and costs for city employees, and says that once everyone, including retirees are at a 75/25 split with the city, then he’ll recommend the Council passes Sec. 19, saying these two would help lead the city “generate up to 9M in tax payer savings in the first year alone and additional savings in future years.” (page eight)

Tomorrow night we’ll do the original live blog and keep a running conversation going with Cover It Live.



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3 responses to “City Council agenda: City health insurance benefits, CitySquare and the return of the bag ban

  1. Uh, page smiley face?

    And how about the $14 million budget gap?

  2. worcestermagazine

    I keep trying to fix the damn smiley face. The budget gap might come up, but the last couple times it’s been on the agenda it gets sent to committee. Maybe this time they’ll talk about it.

  3. They have to talk about it sooner or later, don’t they? Even if it’s to say that the $14 million is based on a Governor’s budget that no one in the Legislature thinks is realistic?

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