So…some people are really mad at Scott Brown

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

MA Senator Scott Brown’s “yes” vote on yesterday’s jobs bill (one of five Republicans to break ranks) has gotten some people pretty steamed.

A couple from the “Twitterverse”:

Was Right. Scott Brown Is Not A Conservative – Another Progressive RINO like McCain, Lindsey & Romney

Is being labeled “an independent thinker” more important than being labeled “a principled man”? Scott?

My personal favorite:

Congratulations to Comrade Scott “Marxist” Brown on Voting For Bolshevik Jobs Bill.*

*Apparently this one may have been written as a joke, but it’s been re-tweeted by angry twitterers who are taking it seriously.

What’s worse is the @scottbrown tag where many people are directing their anger doesn’t even belong to the Senator, but to a guy who lives in New Zealand. (Senator Brown’s is @scottbrownMA, in case you were wondering.) The way Twitter works, for those of you not on it (I’m on it and I’m not even sure how it works most of the time) is if someone writes @ to your tag, even without ever seeing your profile, you get to see their message.



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3 responses to “So…some people are really mad at Scott Brown

  1. I’m glad my name isn’t Arlen Specter (and that I don’t have a Twitter account.)

    My only hope is that it takes some effort to vote, but minimal effort to flame away in cyberspace.

  2. Considering that I’ve been calling him a conservative and tool of the Republican leadership I’m not sure how I feel about this. He did run as an “independent,” which was one of my complaints during the campaign. So, um, complaining that the guy has done a bipartisan thing is really interesting. I don’t know where to go with this one.

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