City Council live blog forum: sing its praises or air your grievances

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

As you’ve probably already seen in the post below, we tried something new tonight with our live blog of city council. Rather than keeping it on the WordPress page where it would only be “live” in the one instant I pressed the update button–which, to be honest, was probably about three or four times over the course of a two and half hour meeting–we decided to use something called Cover It Live.

Cover It Live allows me to post what I write when I write it, rather than needing to hit “update” or refresh the page. It also allows live blog readers to post their own comments in with the live blog, rather than in a different thread below it. It’s all very conversational, and pretty much works like a big chatroom where everyone’s invited.

It will take some getting used to, especially on my part, as it can be distracting making sure everyone’s comments makes it there promptly (sorry if that didn’t happen to any of you) and reading peoples’ comments all while keeping up with the council, but I’ll get used to it with some practice.

An unofficial poll taken during the live blog showed that 100% of readers liked the new format, but I have no idea how many people voted. So let’s use this comment thread as an opportunity to say if this new format should stay or go. Also, let us know if you had trouble viewing it, and maybe a tech-savvy reader can navigate you to what I consider the pinnacle of the live blogging experience.

UPDATE: A couple weeks ago when we linked to the Boston Globe’s use of this format in a live blog with Gov. Patrick I wrote how excited it would be to use it. Thanks to Brittany Durgin,  our new media specialist, dreams really can come true.



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7 responses to “City Council live blog forum: sing its praises or air your grievances

  1. mike a

    thought it went more free flowing conversation about the meeting….allows both more discussion of relevant topics and biting sarcastic commentary about the not so important or relevant topics

  2. Come on people, wake up.
    Live blogging is a useless tool.
    How can anyone possibly have a dialog while J-man is typing – its distracting. It forces mistakes and misinterpretation of facts.

    Yes, I did look at the transcript. Not impressed.

    WOMAG is calling this a success?
    Define success?

  3. I have a few comments (that I also left on Jeff’s blog):
    –It was extremely fun to participate, and I felt that I was able to write a few quotes that may have gotten missed (because it is extremely stressful to liveblog).
    –It was probably less fun and more distracting for Jeremy.
    –So, going forward, does it make sense for someone else — not Jeremy — to moderate, respond to the commenters, etc.?

    Also — I think In House Coffee should start printing quotes from Worcester politicians on their cups: “The most important project in the history of our city” [Palmieri], “Boy did I mess up on this one” [Rushton], etc. They could become collector’s items!

  4. Nicky you are the definitive bureaucrat.
    Trying to create a need where no need exists.

    I noticed by the 15th minute no one was online anymore, except that school committee girl.

  5. I’d imagine it had to be tricky to manage, Jeremy. It’s hard enough to do the typing what they just said/listening to what they’re saying now.
    It was fun from my angle, and I agree that it meant a few more things got caught that might not have made it in, otherwise.

  6. mike

    i think it worked well, might be bit of a process for those who dont follow it live that night and look at it the next day. Might be good for them the next day to just highlight a top five topics or quotes that were posted during the live chat.

  7. Keith

    I for one don’t see any reason to go live on Council sessions. The day after WOMAG transcript is sufficient for the majority of viewers.
    And why abbreviate the transcript?
    It worked fine in the past. It ain’t broke. So why fix it?

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