City Council Live blog 2/23/10

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We’re trying something new this week. You’ll be able to see my comments in close to real time, and you’ll be able to place your comments within the live blog as it happens. Click on the link above to get started.

The live blog will be saved, so tomorrow (or any other day) you’ll be able to click on the above link and see the full transcript, just like any other week.

Tell us what you think about it tomorrow. Was it awesome? Was it a pain? Was your computer too slow to load it? Was City Hall’s wireless too slow for me to load it?



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5 responses to “City Council Live blog 2/23/10

  1. If it’s 7:30 and there’s no liveblog, has something terrible happened to Jeremy?

  2. worcestermagazine

    Are people seeing the new live blog? Any issues connecting to it?

  3. Some of us just don’t follow directions well.

  4. MK

    Hey Jeremy, I read the blog the next morning so I can’t say anything for the live-live blogging. However, with all of the comments from other follower mixed in with the “minutes” going on at the same time it is very difficult to follow the meeting. Is there anyway to separate what your input is and what others write (like the different colored background carried through)?

    I appreciate the effort to chronicle the meeting – helpful to get a second look since I feel the Telegram does not touch upon all of the issues and commentary with the same depth.

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