National Grid wants to green your house

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

National Grid is looking to be a greener, more energy efficient company (according to their press release). Most of the time press releases don’t capture my attention, but they’re creating some new or enhanced services that can potentially save a lot of people a lot of money as part of a statewide initiative through the Massachusetts Department of Public Utilities. Here’s what they’re now offering:

  • “Incentives have increased for the purchase and installation of energy-efficient equipment.  For example, both residential and commercial customers installing a tank-less, on-demand water heater, previously offered with an incentive of $300, will now be eligible for incentives as much as $700.”
  • “National Grid will offer a new home audit that includes a free air leak sealing service designed to increase comfort and to reduce heat loss in areas of primary air leakage such as basements and attics.”
  • “National Grid’s new Deep Energy Retrofit program is designed to address high energy use in aging, less efficient homes and businesses. Incentives are available for eligible customers to perform upgrades such as whole-building insulation, installation of solar thermal systems, high-efficiency windows, lighting, appliances, and heating and cooling systems.”
  • “[Combined Heat and Power] uses a single fuel source such as natural gas to simultaneously generate electricity and capture waste heat that is used to offset existing on-site heating demand. By working with their electric and gas utilities, customers are able to receive up to $750 per kW of generated heat.”

It would’ve been nicer to know about this stuff before we were coming up to the last 1/3 of winter, but take advantage if you can. According to spokeswoman Debbie Drew these programs are already underway, and it’s just a matter of contacting National Grid.


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