Blog Log Digital 2/17/10

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

Last week I ran into a friend that I went to high school with that works for one of the major cigarette companies, who told me about the stores on the New Hampshire border selling 5,000 cartons per week. He also commented how baldy the Commonwealth of Massachusetts has killed the cigarette business. Not only has the Commonwealth taxed cigarettes to the point of pushing people into other states, but there are alot of little things. Remember all the Philip Morris that you would see around (coats, jackets, hats, etc). All of this is illegal in Massachusetts including coupons. Many times I have had people come in with coupons, only to tell them that we can not accept to which the customer says I will just save them for when I go to New Hampshire. It would be one thing if all 50 states were doing the same thing, but Massachusetts acting alone has hurt many Massachusetts businesses and themselves through lower tax collections.

Posted by “SFD” on

Listed at #10 on Baseball Prospectus’ prospect list for the Toronto Blue Jays is Worcester’s own Tim Collins.  Tim was born and raised in Worcester, and played for Ted Williams Little League, West Side Babe Ruth, Main South Legion and Worcester Voke.   He was signed as an undrafted minor league free agent in 2007 by Worcester native and former Blue Jays GM J.P. Riccardi. Tim finished the season last year with the New Hampshire Fisher Cats (Double A) in Mancherster, NH.  He was the youngest player on the Fisher Cats, and will probably spend the season there.  It’s a great ballpark, so take a trip up north to see a local baseball player working his way up the minor leagues.

Posted by “Brendan Melican” on

As I’m sure many of you are aware, yesterday Google announced a new initiative to build next-gen, high-speed fiber networks in select communities throughout the US. Maybe I’m being overly optimistic, but it seems as though Worcester would be perfect for such an initiative when you consider the second largest city in New England also has an existing fiber ring, 13 schools in the College Consortium, a strong local heath care industry, a growing STEM industry, and enormous municipal/school/safety systems all sharing aging copper infrastructure. Just what Google is looking for?

Posted by “dissol2” on

Why have we all gotten so panicky over the years with every snowstorm? Is this the result of 24 hour news coverage or have we become snow wimps?

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

Whenever I hear of Waco, TX, images of the burning ranch that was known as the Branch Davidian ranch pop in my head. Well, on Presidents’ Day, Baylor University, located in Waco, TX, announced that they’ve hired Kenneth Starr as the next president of the university. Some may remember Ken Starr for the being the lead prosecutor for the Whitewater land deal and the President Bill Clinton affair with White House intern, Monica Lewinsky. President Clinton pulled a Teflon Don and was impeached, but was not convicted.

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

When I was younger, it often surprised me that people I knew and liked turned out to have political or religious views that I couldn’t agree with. As I got older, though, this surprised me less and less. And, in my later years, I’ve found that the problem with opposing, deep seated convictions was one of complete misunderstanding. If I didn’t understand what it was like to hold a viewpoint unlike my own, then it would be very difficult to tolerate its very existence anywhere near me…At least, that would probably be the logical, ultimate end to constantly refusing to accept that other people are not going to be looking at the world the same way I do. This deep abyss between left and right is a terrible thing right now. But that divide is not what most people want. And the evidence of this is the growing number of “unenrolled” registered voters.


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