The internet is great

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin, passed along by Brittany Durgin

I wish I could say this old advertisement for Worcester Magazine was “from our vault,” but we don’t have one. It’s just floating out there on the internet, thanks to Blair Media.

Here’s another one, this time for the Common Outlets.

There’s more time-warping at Make sure you see the Maurice the Pants Man spot.



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4 responses to “The internet is great

  1. Done in house, I take it?

  2. The redhead is Katie McEvoy-Zdonczyk, who was employed at WoMag at the time; also, my source tells me that, after the ad was shot, Allen Fletcher had a buzz cut.

    At the next Worcester Mag on Tap I can attend, I’ll try to bring my Worcester Magazine: Love It/Hate It/Read It T-shirt.

  3. Yes, that’s Allen.

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