City Council Agenda: Audits, the new Burns bridge and the Crusades

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The Committee on Education (Toomey (C), Eddy and Rushton) and the Committee on Traffic and Parking (Smith (C), Lukes and Rushton) have been very busy. Between the two of them they have half of this week’s agenda.

Last week the council railed against the EPA; this week the cathartic release is at the expense of Holy Cross. The school pops up on the agenda four times by name, and is alluded to a handful of other times. (Some agenda items ask for reports on all the colleges, not just Holy Cross.)

Other items include City Auditor James DelSignore’s report for December of 2009, Woo Card applications may be filled out at the City Clerk’s office, M. O’Brien will bring up the money saved with collective bargaining and Sec. 18 and, as requested by Lukes a couple weeks ago, M. O’Brien will discuss the city’s marketing strategy (or strategies).

Another item of note is that Clancy will ask that M. O’Brien figure out how much the new Burns bridge (RT. 9 bridge into Shrewsbury) will cost.



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3 responses to “City Council Agenda: Audits, the new Burns bridge and the Crusades

  1. Also — no meeting on February 16, so get your fix tomorrow for two week’s worth of Council!

  2. zed

    We could get a “two for” if they designed the bridge with platforms for spectators to watch the regattas. Then Clancy could deep-six the stupid park idea.

  3. worcestermagazine

    I think that’s the hope (about the regattas, not so much about the park). Toomey brought this up a couple months ago at a city council meeting, and the idea is that the bridge would have room for a bike lane and a spectator/sidewalk area so that people can watch the regattas.
    We’ll see what happens with that park though.

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