Blog Log Digital 2/5/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Pink Granite” on

This evening, MSNBC aired a two hour special rebroadcasting the question and answer period from President Obama’s unprecedented meeting today with House Republicans, at their retreat in Baltimore, Maryland. Watching President Obama during Wednesday’s State of the Union Address I was buoyed and encouraged. But tonight I was reminded of exactly why I voted for Barack Obama. The guy is brilliant. He’s not as liberal as I wish he were, but he’s as liberal as anyone could be and still get elected president. He’s a policy wonk, which I like. He tends toward the professorial, which is fine. I admire his devotion to bipartisanship, even though there are times when I would prefer him to just strong arm his way through legislation. He has an easy grace when speaking extemporaneously. He can be casual and colloquial, but, unlike some of our politicians, is never crude.

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WooTown radiomeister Jordan Levy just had his daily WooTown political masturbation break – today was for State Rep. John Bienenda who is running for his 113th term to the Massachusetts House of Representatives… thing going for John in my opinion is that I see his name on the ballot when I vote more than I see folks actually voting. John only makes it in to our hood via his name on the ballot and that is about it…rumor has it that he may be the cat dressed as the Grim Reapah out on Pleasant Street everyday in front of the abortion clinic….butt I am not sold on this! Now before you go saying there goes that loud mouth bangin’ another WooTown Pol….I’ll let you know that our State Rep is kept up to date via e-mail on what we are doing down here in the Village of Piedmont but he never corresponds back saying I’ll be there or keep up the good work!

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This morning was quite an adventure. While standing at the Grafton T stop, I got a T Alert saying that the p508 which usually departs Grafton at 7:09 AM was delayed by 1/2 hour. A few minutes later, a train arrives, so we all board and we head into Boston. Not until we’re in Framingham do we hear that the train is actually the P506, which is running on the p508 schedule … but making all stops to Boston. So really, it wasn’t on the p508 schedule at all, because the p508 doesn’t stop after Natick. Semantics! We arrived at South Station at about 8:40. I definitely submitted for reimbursement today. I’m not sure what’s been going on at night lately, but the P529 (the 6:15 PM departure from South Station) has been all single cars this week, which results in us being jammed into the train like sardines. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of bad commutes to come!

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Some would argue that Black History Month should be eliminated because it does nothing more than promote d vision, because of the stain of guilt that many Whites feel. Does this hinder people’s growth of accepting differences and having frank conversations about them? Some would say that it does. So, as I write this on the first day of February 2010, I write this knowing that it’s important to know the history and give voice to those that struggled and even died, so that I can write such a piece, as a Black man. As a race of human beings, we have to learn how to have those uncomfortable conversations without jumping to conclusions; we have to allow human beings to be just that, human beings.


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    It’s an honor to be included.
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