Today is the day!

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Today marks the beginning of a tradition: Worcester Mag on Tap. Pick up a copy of the brand new Worcester Mag sometime today, read through it and then come to the Hotel Vernon at 5:30 to talk about it (or other things) with the Worcester Mag staff. Come even if you haven’t read it (we’ll have some for you at the Vernon). We’ll be sitting in the Ship Room, already a couple of $1 draughts and bags of peanuts in.

Also, don’t forget the Belmont Street School fundraiser is tonight at Coral Seafood on Shrewsbury Street from 5:30 to 7:30.



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4 responses to “Today is the day!

  1. Contributors matched and went over the Hanover $50,000 challenge!

  2. Regarding Worcester Mag on Tap: you guys need to do a Vlog/video podcast/whatever the young folk call it these days of those!

    See: if you’d done one last night, Tim could have recorded the following embarrassing conversation:
    Nicole: “So, for a long time there I thought Russell Brand was Steve Coogan…”
    Tim: (oh, my goodness, the next thing she’s going to talk about is how Winnie of The Wonder Pets is too domineering)
    Nicole: “But then I saw him at the Grammys, and I realized that they were TWO COMPLETELY DIFFERENT PEOPLE.”
    Tim: “Why does he always have his shirt unbuttoned TO THERE?”
    Nicole: “I know! He’s always trying to prove how hetero he is, and then he’s the most flamboyant person on the planet!”

    I would also like to note that I don’t drink alcohol. The reason is because I’m already high on life and people already think I’m on drugs because of the wacky things I say.

  3. The above is why Nicole needs to have her blog in the blogroll on here!

  4. I left out the whole part of the discussion where I was trying to explain to Tim how bulletin board systems (BBSes) worked and how my husband and I never thought the internet would take off. (At that point, Tim was thinking: “The next thing she’s going to tell me is that she still has a rotary-dial phone in her house.” Well, I do! So there! It’s really heavy, so it doubles as a weapon.)

    Seriously, I have never felt like such an old lady in my whole life, though I can sense that more of them will be coming…

    But we need to expand the blogroll here to include (at the very least) the Whos of Who-cester, Pink Granite, Unfashionable Sentiments, and Bill Randell.

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