He picked the wrong ‘victims’

Worcester Police today arrested a man who allegedly broke into an apartment and was chased away under threat of being hammered … literally. Here’s the police release:

“On February 3, 2010 at approximately 11:55 p.m. Worcester Police responded to a Jefferson Street apartment for a break in progress call. Upon the officers arrival they met with the 22-year-old male resident. According to the victim, he was in his kitchen when suddenly a male forced his way through the kitchen door and forced his way into the apartment. The door jamb was smashed when the door was forced open. A fight ensued and during this altercation the victim was able to take possession of a sledge hammer which was nearby. The suspect fled out of the apartment when he saw the victim with the hammer.”

So what was the victim doing with a sledgehammer in his apartment? We’re never told. Anyway … about 1:30 this morning police received a complaint that a man was trying to steal tools and a bike from an enclosed porch on Water Street. The suspect “tried to push and punch the victim but missed. The victim physically pushed the suspect out of the enclosed rear porch and then gave chase to the suspect up Providence Street until he lost sight of the suspect.”

Police apprehended John M. Donohue, 42, of 54 Coral St., in front of 93 Harrison St., and arrested him after the victims of both the Jefferson and Water burglaries were brought to the scene and identified him. He faces one count of armed burglary and one count of unarmed burglary.


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  1. scully

    I love these wacky Worcester crime stories!

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