Going over the heads of many

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

In today’s live chat with the Governor (see post below) “parent” asks:

If you can’t get an answer go to the person in charge. In this case, way in charge. I like your moxie, “parent.”



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4 responses to “Going over the heads of many

  1. The key is highly motivated parents who are engaged in the education of their child. Children in a home where education is emphasized as important and where the parents take an active part do better in school. The best teacher in the world can’t do much if the parents don’t take an interest.

  2. I could not agree more with Jim. The key does NOT seem to be “highly motivated and supported teachers” (though that doesn’t hurt) — it’s a household where learning is valued and encouraged.

    Also — there are “strong and not-so-strong” students. Guess which type of school takes both? (Hint: not charters.)

    Signed, Nicole, who doesn’t even send her kids to public school but doesn’t think charters are the answer, either.

  3. Joe

    There is not much we can do for students who do not want to be involved in their education. However, there is plenty we can do for kids whose parents are not involved. Charter schools will never help these kids- they will be stuck in the “not-so-good” schools.
    The key to providing *everyone* with a good education is providing resources (that does not necessarily mean money) to schools with difficult to serve populations. Having the best and the brightest flee their local schools (and taking resources- in the case of charter schools- money) with them makes it more difficult to educate the remaining students.

  4. Sometimes all it takes to get otherwise apathetic students interested in learning is to match education styles with learning styles. Since many of the same students who will not learn by rote go on to excel when they enter technical high schools, why then should hands-on education not be offered in grades K through 8 as well? Why throw away an entire segment of the population just because they don’t learn in the same fashion as the people who run most of the schools?

    Honestly, it’s easy to see why so many people suspect hidden agendas. You know, one set of brainwashing curricula for private schools to prepare the future “ruling” (marionette) class and a separate, carefully-circumscribed set for public schools to prepare their future wage slaves and war profit slaves….

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