Blog Log Digital 1/27/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Nicole” on

I know I haven’t been posting a lot this week, and part of that is because yesterday I visited the Worcester Public Library and talked with a bunch of the librarians there about the latest and greatest library happenings.  Over the next week, I’ll be posting the details of those conversations, but it’s going to take me another day to recover from the awesomeness overload that was my trip to the library.  Everyone there was so incredibly kind and helpful and I have never felt like such a celebrity (“Oh, you’re the blogger!”)  So, I am even more passionate about the library and even more committed to letting people know about all the great things happen there.

Posted by “Brent S. Abrahamson” on

Much has been made of the use of the term “Teabaggers” to refer to the so-called grass roots movement that has been so much in the news. While it is true that the term emanated from the protest group itself, they have distanced themselves from it when it was pointed out that “teabagging” is a slang term for a sexual act. Recently I was taken to task for using the term “Teabagger” in a blog post. While I generally have avoided the terminology, I did indeed use it. I should not have because its use takes away from the seriousness of purpose of this group. The Tea Partiers take their name from the American Revolution. So let me set the record straight unequivocally. The Tea Partiers are mad. The Tea Partiers are revolting.  I trust this clears things up.

Posted by “ocvictor” on

I’ve been screening “anonymous” comments — meaning comments by people who don’t have LJ accounts — on this blog for a few weeks now, because I was having a problem with bots posting spam to it. As always, I have no intention of censoring anyone, unless it’s libelous or insulting past the point of good taste. (And it’s my blog, so I decide what “the point of good taste” means. Of course, I don’t think I’ve actually deleted any comments. Maybe one or two, but none recently.) The irony of this move is that it comes as more and more people seem to be reading this blog somewhere other than Livejournal — it has RSS feeds to, my author’s account, the WormtownTaxi  blogroll and, of course, Facebook. But I’m not prepared to change the posting settings at this juncture, so I beg a bit of patience. I check for new messages fairly regularly. Ah, blogging about blogging. It’s almost as tedious as writing poems about poetry. Almost.

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Reports are coming in that as of today 1/24/10 they have buried 150,000 people in Haiti as a result of the earthquake and that the total number of dead may rise to 300,000. For such a small nation this is a disaster without comparison. My heart goes out to all of the children that will be orphaned when all is said and done. God bless them all.

Posted by “SFD” on

There’s a lot of progressive disbelief and apathy following the first year of the Obama Administration.  (The November 2008 version of me is jumping up and down saying ‘I told you so!  That’s why didn’t vote for him!’)  Despite Obama’s centrist embrace of Cheney Administration policies and appointees there still is a lot of angry yelling from the right that Obama is a socialist and a far left activist. I started thinking about a book I read a few years back called Blood of the Liberals by George Packer. Mr. Packer gives a detailed history of American liberalism through his personal life and family history, and reminds the reader that despite the brand names, the parties aren’t homogeneous and evolve (or in the Democrat’s case, devolve.) I was reading this book one fall afternoon at Coffee Kingdom, and had a college age woman look at the title of the book and her look told me that she thought I was some Rush Limbaugh zombie.  I had to explain that the title referred to his family pedigree as liberals, and didn’t advocate spilling the blood of liberals.  I don’t think she believed me, which says volumes about how poisonous our country’s political sphere has become.


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