Free vegan donuts

Members of and Compassion Over Killing will gather outside of Dunkin’ Donuts at 421 Main St. on Jan. 27 at 9 a.m. to hand out free samples of vegan baked goods — including vegan donuts — and to urge Dunkin’ Donuts to offer vegan options. The press release says, in part:

In August 2009, a COK investigator worked inside an egg factory farm owned by Michael Foods, one of the nation’s largest egg producers that also supplies egg products to Dunkin’ Donuts. COK documented horrific abuses including:
• Hens immobilized in the wires of their cages,
• Decomposing corpses left in cages with live birds,
• Hens suffering from overcrowding,
• And severe feather loss, untreated injuries, and other abuses.
“No responsible company should support this animal cruelty,” said COK’s executive director Erica Meier. “Dunkin’ Donuts can — and should — make the right decision by removing eggs from its donuts and offering more humane vegan menu items.”
For more information, visit Video-quality footage of the Michael Foods investigation available upon request.


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