City Council Agenda–The old courthouse, violent crime numbers, plastic bag bans and some nice pictures

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Tomorrow’s City Council meeting has some interesting things happening, including a precursor to the fate of the old courthouse building and a review of the RKG study which was referenced in last week’s article on affordable housing. Back in 2002 RKG Associates pushed the city to change its housing strategy and focus more on attracting market-rate developments.

Police Chief Gemme will say that there was one more homicide in 2009 (seven) than in 2008 (six), and three of them were from firearms. He’ll also say that non-fatal shootings went up in 2009, and the worst months for gun violence were during the summer (July and August). Stabbings also increased: 129 in 2008 to 133 in 2009. Some good news though, is that motor vehicle fatalities went down from six to three.

There will be some pictures of proposed Canal District streetscaping projects, City Manager O’Brien will discuss the FY11 budget and Lukes will ask that he draft an ordinance that bans the use of plastic bags by grocery stores and retailers.

All this and more, tomorrow night.


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