Belmont Street Community School Closed–Updated

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Damages resulting from a break-in/vandalism over the weekend at Belmont Street Community School have forced an early closing this morning, with students bused to Worcester Tech to be picked up by parents/guardians at 10 am.

The WPS has posted information releases this morning, but haven’t specified what the damages were. Dr. Melinda Boone, WPS’ Superintendent, has visited the school and a source reports that there were multiple police cars around the building.

Update: According to Rob Pezzella, the WPS’ Executive Assistant to the Superintendent on School Safety and Violence Prevention, the damages to the school were found this morning by the school’s Principal, which gave the staff enough time to direct arriving students into the gymnasium without them seeing the extensive damage to the classrooms, hallways and cafeteria.

Damages included broken glass strewn throughout the building, broken trophy cases and computer monitors, paint on the floors, cereal and milk thrown around the cafeteria and water damage from running faucets. It’s assumed that all of this happened within the last 48 hours, as the school was in order when the principal left on Friday.

The school will be closed tomorrow, a connect-ed message has been sent out and  there will be more updates on the school’s webpage ( as well as through CBS-4, WCVB-5, WHDH-7, WFXT-25, 580 am WTAG and 1030 am WBZ.



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2 responses to “Belmont Street Community School Closed–Updated

  1. That is horrifying, finding a friendly school like that destroyed

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