Coakley greets voters at Temple Emanuel

Posted by Lisa Denoncourt

Having voted earlier in the day, Senate Candidate Martha Coakley braved the snowfall (in knee-high stiletto boots even!) to greet Worcester supporters outside the polling station at Temple Emanuel. “The only thing that matters is what voters do today,” Coakley said, igniting applause from the shivering crowd.

Brittany Durgin/Worcester Mag

“It’s been a great-great turnout,” Mayor Joseph O’Brien said. “Lots of energy out there.”

Coakley said she’s not bothered by the inclement weather. “It’s pretty snow,” she said from beneath an umbrella held by her husband. “Not sleet or windy, very pleasant.”

Not all who waited outside the polling station were happy to see the Attorney General. As Coakley greeted locals and answered questions, a voice cut above the crowd shouting support for Scott Brown.

With hours before the polls close, Coakley said she remains confident in a win, but more importantly “I’m focused on getting our message out.”

Brittany Durgin/Worcester Mag

Brittany Durgin/Worcester Mag

Brittany Durgin/Worcester Mag



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  1. Amanda Rebokis

    A well written article!!

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    Quite an interesting article, very well written

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