Blog Log Digital 1/14/2010

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Nicole” on

WGBH’s new radio program with Emily Rooney debuted with a lot of big-name guests (Deval Patrick and Donald Carcieri, Red Sox President/CEO Larry Lucchino) and a relatively lousy theme song.  I don’t watch Emily Rooney on TV (she conflicts with Go, Diego, Go!), so beyond catching her here and there a few times, I’m not familiar with her work.  I think the emphasis with this and the Callie Crossley show is for WGBH to offer a bit more of a local alternative to what’s being offered on ‘BUR, and, if that’s the case, they certainly succeeded today.The problem with the Emily Rooney program today was that she didn’t ask any hard questions of the politicians or have anything insightful to say (one of her suggestions: perhaps MA and RI can work together on renewable energy projects — like wind farms on the ocean — because they are next to one another); that I learned nothing of value from the discussion of political polls (news flash: no one’s thinking about the governor’s race!); and that I really don’t want to listen to a program to which two-thirds of the time is devoted to an executive at the Red Sox who seems to think that ticket scalping only began in the internet age.

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

In all seriousness, why do we need a group called “Choose Worcester”? Isn’t that the goal of the Chamber of Commerce-to keep current businesses and get prospective businesses to Cboose Worcester. In fact if I was a prospective business deciding where I was going to put my business and the prospective City/Town had to establish an entity to convine to “Choose” them, it would worry me.

Posted by “Mike” on

Many famous people have said “You Can’t Fix Stupid.” Why is this so true with the subject of terrorism. When President Obama took office many people said he would be eventually tested. And so far this President has failed badly when dealing with terrorists. So Strike One! President Obama wants to close Club Gitmo as soon as possible. He blames Gitmo for people joining terrorist groups. He must think that closing Club Gitmo will change the terrorists minds about the United States. NOT! Terrorist groups around the world totally hate the United States and all it stands for. Terror is these people’s lives. They don’t care about anything else. They are willing to die for their cause and will train hard for it.

Posted by “SFD” on

I noticed a bunch of Christmas trees dumped on Mayfield Street next to Beaver Brook Park Sunday afternoon.  The same thing happened last year, and the year before that, and the year before that….you get the picture. Last year the trees didn’t get picked up by the City until April.  I decided to report it today (January 11th).  Let’s see how long it takes!

Posted by “Paulie’s Point of View” on

My local architect John Riel showed me the preliminary plans for the Nuevo condominium project I am developing at the cornah of Dewey Street & Austin Street…..looks very good. This project is going to add more quality market rate housing within the Village of Piedmont – something that the urban core of WooTown desperately needs if it is to WOO the baby boomahs and folks with jobs, educations & strong desires to be civic back to the urban core. WooTown leaders in my own humble opinion should be spending more time on creating/lobbying for financial programs that will entice smaller housing development companies & private person’s to renovate it’s aging three deckah stock and spend less time with the CDC’ers who have done an awful lot of good but now need to be slowed down to a complete halt!! There is a wealth of property tax dollars lying in wait within this housing stock if re-created like the three deckah housing stock has been re-created within Greater Boston & Boston.

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

If you turn on CNN or any world news news channel, you’d think that there is no other news to report than the comments made by Senator Harry Reid or former baseball player, Mark McGwire. I’ll start first with Mark McGwire. I’ve believed for years that Mark has used steroids. Anyone care to remember the “Bash Brothers”? C’mon Son, you knew Mark was juicin’ way back in the late-80’s and into the ’90s.


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  1. Rachel B

    To Bill,
    The slogan “Worcester: Smart City, Smart Choice” intrigues me enough to WANT to assess the reasons I should move to this Gateway City!

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