Slashing suspect arrested

At 1 p.m. today, Worcester Police detectives arrested Carlos R. Garcia on outstanding warrants for the armed robbery and slashing of a store clerk.
On Jan. 6, Worcester Police responded to the Mega Discount Store at 731 Main St. for a reported armed robbery. Police said the suspect had entered the store, approached the clerk, demanded cash and slashed the neck and face of the clerk with a knife. After the slashing the suspect went behind the counter and demanded the owner of the store to open the register. He allegedly took the cash and fled on foot. The victim was taken to a local hospital and was treated for his wounds.
During the investigation Worcester Detectives interviewed several people and based on the information they arrested Garcia at 305 Belmont St., Worcester. Garcia, 37, resides at 701 Main St., the PIP shelter, according to police.


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