City Council Watch

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

City Council meetings start again this week a day after a new Mayor assumes the gavel. Here are a couple things to watch for:


1) A change to the city’s zoning laws to allow for wind energy conversion facilities
2) A leash law for cats
3) A final ruling on the expansion of the Montvale Historic District


1) Tensions between Palmieri, Lukes and J. O’Brien (Palmieri isn’t happy about being taken off of the Economic Development subcommittee)
2) Rushton’s behavior–it’s no surprise he and Lukes didn’t get along, but he and J. O’Brien are part of the same political clique
3) City Council will elect a City Auditor to a three-year term
4) City Councilors get their seat assignments

We’ll be liveblogging the whole thing tonight. Also, the first School Committee meeting of the year takes place tonight at 5:00 at the Durkin Administration building at 20 Irving Street. One big issue that will come up tonight is whether or not the district will sign on to a memorandum of understanding for Race to the Top funding. There will be more on that in Thursday’s paper.


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