Inauguration Notes–The Speech

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Here are some notable passages, and if you followed his campaign, none of them should strike as surprising:

“[Worcester Tech] serves as a powerful symbol of our commitment to public education and our belief that all of our young people should have the opportunity to reach their full potential.”

“The building of this school happened because of a powerful cooperative effort between our local and state government, the business community, our building trade unions, and leaders throughout our city who came together to construct the finest technical school in the country.”

“We need…to invest in the next generation of jobs in the energy, life science, biotechnology and healthcare sectors.”

“I will be working right away with the City Council and the City Manager to recruit a Working Group on Job Growth and Retention. Within six months, we will ask this group to develop a series of recommendations on tax incentives, tax rates, public investments and other policies to help existing business stay and grow and to attract new companies to locate here.”

“I believe that the future of Worcester–its prosperity and its promise–largely depends on the future of its public schools…our goal should be to make Worcester the best urban school system in America.”

“This alone will require a new level of cooperation between our schools, our unions, municipal, state and federal government and the entire community.”

“We all believe that the quality of life in our city depends on the strength of its neighborhoods, the safety of its streets, and the collective commitment [sic] its people.”

“We face great challenges, and to move the city forward we need everyone, I mean everyone, to participate in our civic life…Far too many people tell us that their voices are not heard, their interests not considered, their hopes and fears are not taken seriously.”

“We must create new ways for people to take part in their government and to come together to do our public work. To start this process I will walk the neighborhoods and hold office hours throughout the city.”

“Worcester is an incredible place to live and work. At times this seems like a secret we are afraid to share. I believe that we must all do a better job talking about what is good about our city: our rich heritage; our beautiful neighborhoods and parks; our wonderful colleges and universities; our great museums and restaurants; and our richly diverse and hardworking people.”



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