Knight and Day

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

The trailer for “Knight and Day” (formerly “Wichita”), the Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie with scenes filmed at the Worcester Regional Airport is online. I’d love to be able to write “Look! There’s our airport!” but the problem is some scenes were also filmed at Logan.

So, at the very beginning of this trailer is Cruise and Cameron stumbling into each other at one of the two airports. Any ideas on which one it is?

Two more quick notes:

1) Sadly, neither Joff Smith’s cameo as a security guard nor local filmmaker/producer Andrea Ajemian’s appearance as a flight attendant make it into the trailer.

2) I would have been way more excited to see a movie called “Wichita”  than a movie called “Knight and Day.” “Wichita” just sounds so Hitchcocksian.


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  1. Those big windows sure look like Worcester to me…one assumes the jet is a computer addition?

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