Blog Log Digital 12/30/2009

Posted by Tim O’Keefe

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

Best Buy Greendale, I was in their Christmas Eve buying this new netbook and talked to the kid who waited on my about the Millbury move. He told me that they were definately moving but was not sure what they were going to do in Greendale. Told him that if they move to Millbury, like he told me that they were doing, and they have Solomon Pond Mall, there was no way in hell Greendale would stay open. It would make no sense. Although not official, it looks to me that it is extremely highly unlikely that Best Buy in the Greendale Mall will be there in 6 months.

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

Merry Christmas! Feliz Navidad! Joyeux Noël! fröhliche Weihnachten! gioioso Natale! Kala Christouyenna! Zalig Kerstfeast! Feliz Natal! Noeliniz kutlu olsun! miilaad majiid! gëzuar Krishtlindja! C Pождеством Xристовом! glædelig jul! un Crăciun fericit! Mừng Chúa Giáng Sinh!

Posted by “Claudia Snell” on

Higgins Armory Museum is having a series of Viking presentations and demonstrations in January. Also, starting in January, continuing through February, the museum will offer the “School of Swordplay”.

Posted by “LB Worm” on

It’s the end of the year, And according to most websites, the end of the decade. I thought it was 1-10. I didn’t know 0 counts as a year. I always thought 0 was zero. Nothing. Nada.Anyway, everyone is compiling best of lists. Rolling Stone has one. So does Pitchfork. Take at look at them and there’s one thing you’ll notice. The decade really didn’t have any groundbreaking, all encompassing popular act that took the world by storm.  It’s actually a pretty sad statement of popular music that in times like these, where music is available in many new ways, that all you get is the same old shit from the powers that be. They continue to refuse catch on to what’s new and produce what they know will sell when they tell you to buy it.

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

Most years, I’ve taken this week off. The week between Christmas and New Year’s is like a twilight zone… especially here in Worcester, where any week when school isn’t in session makes the whole city seem like a ghost town.

Posted by “Mike” on

As a State Retiree it is hard enough living on the retirement checks Massachusetts gives us if you’ve retired early. I supplement that with extra money I make outside that. Now the Massachusetts Group Insurance Commission (GIC) has made a mid-year increase in the co-pays, such as Doctor’s visits and other services. Each April we get a booklet announcing “open enrollment” for health insurance services from the many providers. This past July I started with a new Health Insurance Company because my monthly payments for my old company went up $15 a month. The new company also had lower co-pays for Doctor’s visits, as well as free diabetes supplies. Well; The lower co-pays ended up being the same when the new company failed to pay the entire Doctor’s bill and the Doctor’s office billed me for the remainder. Now the GIC is raising the co-pay an additional $5.00. They will also raise the co-pays for other routine services like specialists, physical therapy, and any mental health outpatient care. They’ll further increase the co-pays by $10 for outpatient surgery for my insurance, but not some others, including the insurance company I once had. And they’ll also increase by $25 any emergency room visits, plus the hi-tech visits like MRI’s and CT Scans. I’m sure when we receive our books in April, the monthly fees will continue to rise. With healthcare reform in the news these days, Health Insurance Companies seem to be positioning themselves with employers and raise fees before Congress puts more rules in place. Nothing is good with the employee or retiree, in my case, squarely in the middle of this triangle with insurance companies, employers, and government. Soon the prediction of Socialist Medicine might be true.


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