North Lake Ave photos

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin, photos by Brittany Durgin

This week’s news story brought up the idea that North Lake Avenue’s slide down a bluff into Lake Quinsigamond might turn the city’s misfortune into its opportunity to build a linear public park in that area. No photos made it into the paper copy, so we decided to put some up on the blog. Pictures after the jump.

The temporary lights and jersey barriers

A sign opposing turning North Lake Ave into a one-way street



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4 responses to “North Lake Ave photos

  1. Did you get photos of the place where it’s wearing away? I’d be interested in seeing that.

  2. worcestermagazine

    Tracy- see the additional photo posted.

  3. Jim

    The city does a terrible job of maintenance. Franklin Street above Shrewsbury Street had the same problem for years before it was fixed. The crumbling wall around Bell Pond is a disgrace. And both Institute and Elm parks are in dire need of work. But I suppose all the money is needed to keep three enormous buildings empty at Lincoln Square.

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