Big Night on Tap at City Hall

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

Last week’s City Council didn’t live up to the hype put forward by their agenda since most of the exciting stuff was tabled until this week. The good news: Tonight’s meeting will (hopefully) be a barnburner.

Last week, Joe Casello’s address to the council was one of the first items of business, but when he arrived at the meeting he was  pushed back a week. Casello was there to speak about Bill Eddy and Paul Clancy’s proposed change to the Home Rule Charter. Obviously Casello–who came in second to Joff Smith in November’s D1 race–is unhappy with the idea. Tonight, Casello returns to make his speech and hear whether or not the charter change passes. Both are within the first three items of business on the agenda. Get your gloves on.

Another City Hall-involved item to watch for will be over before the City Council meeting even starts, but it involves Phil Palmieri, Paul Clancy and Barbara Haller. The three councilors on the Economic Development Committee will finally offer their ruling on the proposed Montvale Historic District and whether or not the tennis court on the property of 1 Montvale Rd. can be annexed. That meeting starts at 6:00.

One final item of importance is that Gary Rosen’s last meeting as a city councilor is tonight. There has been speculation that Rosen is interested in Bob Spellane’s State Rep. seat, and he himself has said that he’d like to pursue spending some time in the media sector. Any bets on how long he’ll stay away from politics?

I’ll have the Montvale Rd. decision up on the blog as soon as it happens, and just like every other Tuesday I’ll be liveblogging City Council. If you’re watching the video of it I’ll be the guy wearing the mouthguard.


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