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City Council Live Blog 12/15/09

Posted by Jeremy Shulkin

7:06: A delegation from Worcester’s Russian sister city, Pushkin, is here to “see how efficiently our city government works,” as mayor Lukes says. She acknowledges someone’s chuckle in the audience.

7:07: Big news right away: Joe Casello was on the agenda to speak this week to the council, but he’s been put off until next. More on this in Thursday’s paper.

7:11: Eddy speaks about his charter change (look under the heading “He Doesn’t Know“). He defends his argument that a special election is the way to go when a vacancy appears in a district council seat. “It’s about what voters want–going to the polls and electing who they want.” He’s charged out of the gate–very impassioned, like he’s ready for a debate on this (stay tuned for next week’s council meeting). He’s recommending the charter change to the council.

7:16: Germain recommends to hold the charter change under priviledge. It’ll be brought up next week.

7:17: Rushton wants more information from the Police about citations against the Livery companies in the city.

7:19: Clancy is stunned by the “disregard for the law” by the Livery companies. He wants to explore the heaviest amount of money that can be fined against these companies.

7:20: The council votes to allow the city manager to designate areas within the city for stimulus Recovery Zone Facility bonds (again, look for more info on this in Thursday’s paper).

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