Blog Log Digital 12/14/2009

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This week turned out to be more challenging than I would have wished for. So it was good to head toward Friday knowing that things were settling down and that the weekend held candles and singing and latkes! It was especially nice to walk in through the kitchen door this evening and have all systems humming along properly. You see, one year ago today the ice storm began here in Southern New England. Looking back over the photos I Posted I still find the thickness of the ice amazing. And it was so cold those first two days before we found a generator! Today has been bitterly cold (around 20F / -7C) but this L.L. Bean shirt kept me toasty warm. It may not be stylish, but I so don’t care!

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I’ve been noticing while eatting out lately in Worcester the signs posted about the increased sales tax. When you’re buying a hamburger at a fast food restaurant the sales tax increase tends to be a bit noticable. Especially when the management posts the tax rates. 6.25% state sales tax and 0.75% local tax. 7% for a prepared meal. I know that municipalities and the state needs more money, and I’m equally aware that I didn’t come out against this months ago when the state passed it, but I’ve been refreshing some of my economics education. The signs I’m seeing in these local eateries just focuses on what I’m re-learning. Basically the sales tax is a poor mechanism for increasing state revenue. Sales taxes at their core are a regressive tax, but even deeper they’re meant for social engineering. A sales tax is generally used to curtail consumerism. It’s a method to force a price increase which normally would then cause a decrease in consumerism as people stopped making purchases.

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When we last tuned in, you may recall, I was just getting over H1N1. (Cough cough cough) I don’t get sick. I write about sick people. I write articles quoting medical experts who talk about the importance of washing your hands and using hand sanitizer. And I take their advice, too — if you ever hear me humming “The Alphabet Song,” chances are I’m remembering the advice of a nurse at Milford Regional Medical Center and washing my hands. (Cough cough cough) I don’t get sick. I’m a mom. I take care of sick people. Heck, my kids hardly ever get sick. They went to daycare when they were infants and were exposed to all the nasty childhood beasties well before their first day of public school. As a result, wave after wave of viruses can pass up and down our block but those kids of mine remain immune to every cough, sniffle and sneeze. (Cough cough cough) OK, I get sick once in a while. It doesn’t last long. I get knocked down maybe for a day, if that. Nothing a little tea and a day of TV won’t fix. Hey, everyone has to recharge their batteries every now and then, right? (Cough cough cough)

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Lately I have had a few people, after talking to me, say something along the lines “don’t put this on the blog”. Let me take a moment to set the record straight. The goal of my blog is to make Worcester a better place, not to make anyone look bad. A place that I have invested my whole life and alot of money in to. The last thing I am want to do with this blog is to hurt Worcester. I know that sounds corny, but it is true, Remember last year when I commented on the fact the most, if not all the apartments, were low to mod income and Gabe countered that the second phase would consist of market rate condos. Let me ask you a question, Gabe do anyone really think market rate condos are coming to this location??? For now, I will even settle for a parking lot for the apartments that have been built. Drive by and check out the parking lot. Trick question, there is no parking lot. Sure there is an empty area, where cars park, but a up to code parking lot is suppose to have set backs for green area sand property drainage. This lot has none of this. Imagine if a private developer did this?? Once again, another example, of two sets of rules. How does one get an occupancy permit when there is no parking lot for the apartments?

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I had the misfortune of hearing a Mariah Carey Christmas song this afternoon. I firmly believe that the majority of all pop Christmas music is complete and utter mindless filler, and about as emotionally filling as a Twinkie. Every Christmas I swear that I’ll make my ultimate Christmas mix…perhaps this will be the year.

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The Commonwealth of Massachusetts and the Federal Government did the right thing when they established the DO NOT CALL List. Anyone can add their telephone number, both home and cellphone, to the list so telemarkers won’t call their homes. The calls were an invasion of privacy. Now we need more added to this list. I would add all unsolicitated calls to the DO NOT CALL list. This would include surveys, charity solicitation, and solicitations for votes by Federal, State, County, and Municipal elected officials looking for votes. This would definitely include those robocalls that candidates use to put their message out to a larger group.



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