Blog Log Digital 12/9/2009

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Liam Clancy passed away today at the age of 74. I have many fond memories of seeing him perform at Mechanics Hall with Tommy Makem and his brothers. He would always play Worcester sometime around St. Patrick’s Day, and my family would sit in the balcony over the stage. Every show was amazing- full of stories, jokes, and sing-a-longs. Liam was gifted with one of the greatest voices to ever grace a stage, and he will be missed. May he rest in peace.

Posted by “Mike” on

Why is the Democrats voting against Seniors by cutting Medicare? Why wouldn’t the Democrats go along with the Republicans on keeping the Medicare funded the way it is now? Why hasn’t Government Law Enforcement busted the fraud in Medicare instead of cutting the Medicare? The fraud will still be there. So with all that, why would Massachusetts voters elect another Democrat to go to Washington and become another pawn in the Healthcare stupidity debate? I’m not wasting my vote as a Massachusetts Independent Voter on another Democrat that tries to compare themselves to the late Senator Edward Kennedy. They will never be another Kennedy. He was special in everything he did; such as Meals on Wheels and other senior issues. He would have never cut Medicare.

Posted by “BrotherNailgun” on

What are your favorite Worcester coffee shop memories? I’ve been thinking about posting this for a while, I was inspired to do it today after reminiscing with some folks at the Q about the Coffee Kingdom and the Java Hut. Having worked, hung out at and performed at both locations, these are the ones I was focusing on, but any cafe will do. So what are your best (positive) memories? (Positive just because I would rather not bash anyone or anything…)

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Ever since Al Gore came out with an Inconvenient Truth, vegans and vegetarians have been calling on him to address the fact that raising animals for food is the leading cause of global climate change. Finally, Gore has done so. He’s not calling for a vegan world, but at least he is now addressing factory farming.


It’s off season for Free Arts Worcester but other local artists are still out there doing their best to put a smile on our faces here in Worcester all year ’round. The local florist Sprout is offering local businesses a free wreath to get everyone in the Holiday mood. Don’t be a Grinch spread some pine-smelling love!

Posted by “Paulie’s Point of View” on

Fitchburg, Massachusetts is the 2nd Central Massachusetts city in the past year that has said no or woooo to no-lo income housing development…the city of Gardner, Massachusetts recently put a halt/skid to a development in an area of the city that it has higher hopes for in the way of market rate residential and commercial development. Worcester, Massachusetts now needs to do the same folks…..and now! Not in 2011 when the troops come home from Afghanistan!

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The headline reads: Times Co. says it will keep the Telegram and Gazette. But there could be alternate headlines for this story…How about “Pinch Flip-Flops Again!” Or maybe “Sulzberger Taking Lessons From Rosen!” One of my favorites would be “T&G Employees To Continue Donating Blood!” After all these bizarre push-me-pull-you gyrations with the Glob, and now the T&G, I get the distinct impression that Pinch, after all these years, has finally been boning up on how to invest and divest properly. And it’s only recently that he got to the part where it says “buy low, sell high” as opposed to the other way around…It’s disappointing, though, isn’t it? All that hope generated locally that, at long last, our only city daily would be transferred into the hands of local ownership. The speculation of what it would be like, the tantalizing possibilities for the re-birth of local journalism, and then this…


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  2. That VegWorcester quote is not from Erik Marcus, but from the VegWorcester editor.

    The post does say “Via Erik Marcus”, which is the standard way for a blogger to cite the source of the main link in the blog post. It doesn’t mean he wrote the post.

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