Hundreds rally outside Worcester’s TJ Maxx distribution center

Wearing red slogan-clad t-shirts, holding personalized signs and chanting in both English and Albanian, hundreds of TJ Maxx distribution center workers stood outside their building on Goddard Memorial Drive raising awareness for their demands during contract negotiations. Employees from other TJX companies and distribution centers around the state were also on hand to participate in the rally.

The union, the New England Joint Board of Unite Here, represents over 9,000 employees of the textile, manufacturing and laundry industries across Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Union members cite TJX Co.’s record profits this third quarter as reason to provide a better contract for its workers.

We’ll have more information on this, including TJX’s stand, after the weekend.


Carl Proper, a spokesman for the New England Joint Board of Unite Here, shed some more light on the details. He estimates that 300 people attended the rally, and that employees are concerned about their wages, mandatory overtime hours and would like a change in their attendance policy. TJX’s policy is to not comment on union issues while stillin negotiations.

Photos submitted by Dana Simon



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3 responses to “Hundreds rally outside Worcester’s TJ Maxx distribution center

  1. Record profits in the 3rd qtr. eh?
    I wonder what qtrs. 1 and 2 were like.
    So, one qtr. of record profits means the unions are entitled to a chunk of the cake huh?
    Geez I’d be satisfied with just a freaking job, never mind a raise.
    I’m telling ya, unions are gonna destroy this country. Look what they did to the Soviet Union.

  2. Leighann

    Oh my god. How stupid! I wish I had to work mandatory overtime. My work cut me back to 5 hours a week and I work in retail also!!!! Makes it hard to buy Christmas presents and pay bills. These people don’t know how good they got it. Maybe I should go work at TJ Maxx

  3. Patricia


    Maybe you should apply to TJ Maxx. Don’t be pissed off because they have an organization looking out for their workers rights while you walk on eggshells because your an at will employee. Better yet, why don’t you organize your coworkers rather then bitch about those who already have.

    Will W. W.

    Yeah, it’s all the fault of unions. I mean shit, without them we wouldn’t have to put up with the 5 day work week, 8 hr work days, workplace safety regulations, vacations, health benefits, sick leave, FMLA etc. Yeah, all those things were founded through union actions, how dare they. Their going to ruin this country if they keep looking out for the middle class, those bastards. I mean corporate greed has NOTHING to do with our current economic state of affairs. Hey, are Wall Street and the banks unionized? Oh well, it’s not like they have a big impact on the economy.

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