Blog Log Digital 12/1/2009

Posted by “Pink Granite” on

There was hugging, cooking, laughing, uncorking, talking, stirring, pouring, basting, drinking, mashing, explaining, mixing, tasting, checking, photographing, oohing, aahing, discussing, improvising, carving, serving, herding, toasting, remembering, eating, watching, laughing, crying, hugging, goodbyeing. It was all good. For all of this, and more, I am thankful.

Posted by “Mike” on

How much more does President Obama want to happen at one time? The United States has a bad economy that needs to be worked on, and another stimulus giveaway isn’t the answer. The country has a deficit over a trillion dollars and the President is trying to add more to it.  A foreign war also exists in Iraq and Afganistan and the President is about to send another 34,000 troops. He finally decided after about four months of thinking about it.  So why rush a massive bill like Healthcare Reform? This bill is opposed by almost 60%of all Americans who feel strongly that this massive 1550 plus page bill will cost too much. Furthermore, several other points of the bill anger people, including the Public Option. If the Public Option passes, I hope to see all Americans vote the Democrats out of office as a protest to massive spending of money we don’t have.

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

The sewer line in May Street is a combo sewer and drain line, which when it rains is near full capacity. As a result sewerage from 12 May Street can not enter the line and backs up into the basement and we have all seen the damage that has done. On the other hand the sewer line on Main Street has capacity to handle the sewerage from 12 May Street. What to do? Just run a sewer line above ground through an abutting property that neither you nor the City of Worcester owns and tap into the Main Street line. Imagine a private developer doing this?? The more I think about this, this really is incredible.

Posted by “Claudia Snell” on

Blue Pumpkin Cabaret continues, this time at Worcester’s Hibernian Cultural Centre/Fiddlers’ Green Pub. Tuesday, December 1, 8 pm, have an exhilarating evening with Cha Cha and Dr. Nat, starring in “Savin’ It All for You: A ’20s Revue.” Once upon a time, there was a world of music that pulled your grandparents into a universe of laughter, tears, and love. Who knew?

Posted by “Sean” on

I haven’t blogged in months and months, but I just saw something that really made me shake my head. With everything that’s going on in the world right now, what’s the number one story on CNN’a website at the moment? Whether or not some golf asshole fighting with his wife had something to do with a car accident where no one was seriously hurt. Way to stay distracted by meaningless bullshit, everybody!

Posted by “Rod Witkos” on

Another Thanksgiving Day has passed. Again I was forced to bear witness to the hardships experienced by those less fortunate than myself. Therefore, I am thankful. I am thankful that I don’t have to turn tricks to supply my heroin habit, or get beaten half to death in the process. I am thankful that I don’t weigh six hundred pounds and need a special stretcher. I am thankful that I don’t need Coumadin and that I know how to stop a nosebleed. I am thankful that I don’t have to fake a seizure to get my family’s attention. I am thankful that you listened to us when we said you needed to go to the hospital. I am thankful that I know how and when to remove pacing pads. I am thankful I didn’t break my leg in an embarrassing fall at Gramma’s. I am thankful my children didn’t have fevers today. I am thankful that I didn’t find my brother dead and alone in his apartment. I am thankful to be alive and well enough to still help.


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  1. Lee

    It really was a great day all around.
    Thanks for the icing on the cake!

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