The One Montvale Rd. Saga Continues…slowly

The battle over the tennis court at One Montvale road spilled over into last night’s city council meeting–sort of. With the property’s owners, Adi Tibrewal and Elizabeth Todd, in attendance councilors Smith and Palmieri addressed the concerns of both the Montvale Historic District and the home owners, with both of them mentioning the need to get more “facts.”

Councilors Smith and Petty requested that the city study the impact of expanding the district, as well as explaining how this situation–having a “historic” tennis court in your backyard–is affected by the city’s current zoning laws.

As for Tibrewal and Todd, they showed without knowing their situation would be brought up. “We wanted to talk to Smith and Petty face to face,” said Todd, and after speaking with both Palmieri and Smith, they were told to hang around for the meeting.

And so while nothing actually changed during the city council meeting (a vote on the matter has been postponed since March of 2008), Todd is hopeful that something good will come out of her and her husband’s appearance: Palmieri’s impassioned speech in their defense tacked on the idea of bringing real estate agents and attorneys together to hash this out, hopefully for private meeting between all parties on Tuesday.


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