Rev. McFarland to Address “Community Relations” on College Hill

Due to the continuing excessive partying going on by Holy Cross college students on College Hill that some say is worse than ever, Rev. Michael C. McFarland, President of Holy Cross, will be holding a press conference Monday, November 23, to address “community relations.”

The press conference will be held in Hogan Campus Center Ballroom Lounge at 10:30 a.m. and will have Charlotte Holler ’10, director of community relations for the Student Government Association, addressing the audience, as well as Rev. McFarland.







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2 responses to “Rev. McFarland to Address “Community Relations” on College Hill

  1. Don’t they have like a CODE OF CONDUCT up there? Ah yes, here it is: “To enter the College of the Holy Cross is to accept an invitation to participate in the growth and development of a community marked by freedom, mutual respect and civility. High standards have been established for membership in this community, including high standards of personal conduct and behavior”. Geez, without those “high standards of conduct and behavior” this situation could have been worse.

    So the ole. Rev. is gonna make a statement about HC’s 100 years of contributions to the “community” blah blah blah. Then he’ll refer to the causes of the problem, of which the college has been cognizant of … and done everything in its power. And yet unwilling to solve the problem because they’re an social and economic driver in the community. He’s saying, without HC you’re nothing Wusta.

    So the real culprits are:

    1. a handful of miscreants who don’t attend HC. We all knew that.

    2. The trouble is not on campus property and therefore technically not an HC issue, rather a city issue… that they are more than willing to help address i.e., provide lip service. We knew that too.

    3. Point a crooked finger at the rental property owners for their greed and therefore causing the problem. We knew that too.

    4. Imply that the College Hill residents are partially responsible for making a mountain out of a molehill by involving the police and thereby frustrating the kids in their fun – pillaging a neighborhood.

    A great big thanks to CC Ruston for enunciating the city’s position over the airwaves – just kids having fun… You’ve helped immeasurably. You’re sold out the residents College Hill.

    Thanks to CM O’Brien for withdrawing the troops (WPD) and leaving the neighborhood at the mercy of HC’s drunken sociopaths. That’s what I call community relations.

    And thanks to the other councilors for stepping up and helping the voters and taxpayers in their moment of need as their lives and properties are decimated and pillaged.

    Anyone recall that biblical reference about the locusts?

  2. What, no liveblog?

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