Blog Log Digital 11/16/2009

Posted by “EXTRACHRIS_P” on

Mr. President, Our men and women of the armed forces are busting their humps out there on the battlefield and they need more help. Make a fucking decision. You are the President of the United States. What the fuck are you waiting for?

Posted by “Nicole” on

Not sure why I heard about this at work instead of in, say, the Telegram, but…A year after it announced that it wouldn’t be sending paper renewal notices for driver’s licenses, the Massachusetts RMV will offer an online reminder service.  Still no idea what those who don’t have easy access to computers and/or never hear about this service (and/or never look at the expiration date on their license) will do.

Posted by “Brent S. Abrahamson” on

One of the most divisive issues of our time is abortion. Emotions run high all around. The House Health Care Bill must ultimately be reconciled with the yet-to-be revealed final Senate version of Health Care reform. Lines are being drawn. Many on the pro-choice side have expressed an intention to vote against Health Care reform if the final bill has the restrictive abortion language. Those who have demanded tighter restrictions on abortion have expressed their intention to vote against Health Care reform if the restrictions are removed from the final bill. This could kill the first real chance the country has had for meaningful health care reform since the Roosevelt Administration.

Posted by “Ms. Crystal” on

about Massachusetts Senate race……I already know who has my vote ! Alan Khazei, I spent 2 years in Americorps a whole decade ago and as Alan who was co-founder of City Year in Boston back in 1988 and also CEO and Co Founder of Be the Change in Boston. This man bleeds service to others. I believe he will be able to follow in the footsteps of Ted Kennedy and bring even more. Alan also worked with the late Senator Kennedy to create the Serve America Act, this opened up another 175K Americorps/National Service opportunities.

Posted by “VegWorcester” on

Apparently Price Chopper now offers vegan cookies. Do you know what the story is? I plan to call the manager on Monday to see if I can find out if this is a company-wide thing, or just at the Price Chopper near Webster Square. In any case, you should stop by and give them a try. This weekend they had chocolate chip, peanut butter and chocolate chip, oatmeal, sugar cookie, macadamia nut, and one with everything in it. They’re good!

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

It’s Indian Summer, here in Worcester this week. I thought these 3 deckers on Dartmouth Street stood out with an interesting contrast against the blue sky this morning… in this absolutely BeeeeyooooTiful weather. All the weather experts are saying that most of the week is going to be like this, too. When you get the third week of November running in the mid-50’s with blue skies, it’s a really nice gift. I took about a dozen shots this morning, all trying to capture that blue sky. This one on Franklin Street, looking east into the Grafton Street intersection, was the only other one that the cellphone camera was willing to capture as actually being blue, though…

Posted by “Will W. W.” on

There is one thing I have to say about blogging, there is no such thing as free speech. Your constitutional rights do not extend into someone’s blog. I have experienced on many an occasion the wrath of individuals who feel they have a right to be heard here. You don’t, but I do make a lot of exceptions.

Posted by “Paulie’s Point of View” on

See “Good Neighbor Agreement” follows page 15 of the task force report…..not one neighborhood meeting, not one word from the hospital…..most importantly NOT ONE WORD from our District Councilor in regards to this lateral move of the PIP Shelter… issue that has engulfed the WooTown urban core for 20+ years:>) There is all this talk about a city on the move, a new renaissance with this recent election and then all we in the urban core see is the same ole same ole!


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