The dominoes are falling

The first domino appears ready to tumble, as the State House News Service is reporting that State Auditor Joseph DeNucci will announce Monday that he will not seek reelection next year. Locally, that means the way is open for Sheriff Guy Glodis to announce his much expected candidacy for the auditor’s job … which clears the path for state Rep. Vinny Pedone to run for sheriff … which likely will lead to City Councilor Phil Palmieri running for Pedone’s seat … which, if Palmieri won, could lead to former firefighters’ union chief Frank Raffa taking Palmieri’s seat on the council thanks to his write-in votes at the Nov. 3 election. The State House News Service said former Turnpike Authority board member Mary Connaughton, a Republican, has already announced she’ll run for auditor, and other Democrat contenders besides Glodis could include Gov. Deval Patrick’s top labor and workforce aide, Suzanne Bump, New Bedford Sen. Mark Montigny and Sen. Marc Pacheco.



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3 responses to “The dominoes are falling

  1. t-traveler

    Kamal Jain, an independent from Lowell is also running for auditor, he is quite interested in putting public information on his website.

    Connaughton ran for rep and lost then lost her job on the turnpike authority when it was dissolved last month

  2. Patricia

    Pedone possibly running for Sheriff? Yeah, that’s what we need, another career politician running for the highest law enforcement position in Worcester County. Not saying Pedone isn’t a good rep. He is, but I think it’s time we get a REAL law enforcement officer into the Sheriff’s Department. Someone who has years of experience running a multi-million dollar law enforcement institution. Not career politicians, real-estate attorneys or social workers. Basically someone who knows what they are doing. Can anyone say “Fogarty For Sheriff, 2010!!!!”

  3. Mary

    Something tells me that not all of the potential players in the game were picked up here…

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