What’s up for City Council?

Might be post-election let-down, but there doesn’t seem to be a hell of a lot going on at City Council this week.
– Aside from the normal list of petitions and hearings, the council will be addressing a request by the City Manager that DPW provide the City Council with a listing of the cities and towns who have voiced concerns about House Bill 834 and its impacts. This act requires that public water suppliers systematically release water from their reservoirs in order to ensure adequate flows for aquatic life downstream.
-Dr. Roberta Schaefer of the Research Bureau, will be sharing the results of the annual Downtown Worcester Office Occupancy: 2009 Survey.
Check out the full agenda here … City Council Agenda


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  1. Well, there is a (rare) joint meeting between the entire City Council and the entire School Committee at 5:30 (before the CC meeting) to discuss this year and next year’s budget.

    (Falling broadly under the “heads up” file)

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