Blog Log Digital 11/3/2009

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As a Sox fan, I don’t even think I can enjoy the “You do steroids” chant as much as I used to.

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This morning’s commute had to be in the top 10 worst of all time. I knew we were in trouble when I got to the Grafton train station and after paying my parking fee, noticed there weren’t a lot of people on the platform. I took that as a sign of ominous things to come … and I was right, because then the automated sign said that the p504 had been cancelled and all other trains were operating about 10-15 minutes behind schedule. The interesting thing, Commuter Alerts on the MBTA website said something completely different, that the delays were upwards of 30 minutes. When the p508 finally arrived at about 7:30, it was pushing another train ahead of it. We traveled quite slowly through Westborough and Southborough, then spent about 20 minutes at the Southborough stop due to mechanical issues. We crawled along to Boston … luckily, we were still an express, although for some reason the train stopped at Yawkey. We finally arrived at 9:45 this morning … about 1 1/2 hours later than usual. Finally got to work around 10:00. Thank goodness my manager understands about the delays! I talked to colleagues at work and they had similar issues on the Fitchburg line as well … apparently the tracks were icy this morning and the trains had problems braking. Not a banner day on the rails.

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

I count myself in amongst the apparently small number of people in Worcester who think that the City Councilor pay issue is completely bogus. I get the distinct impression that most of the people who think this is an issue are people who make a pretty decent income. For myself, I haven’t had an opportunity to find work that pays even as much as the $29k that Councilors get now, and I haven’t since mid-2002. So, although the “sore issue” of anyone in the city getting paid more than minimum wage seems like such a political hot issue to so many, my particular income situation certainly doesn’t dictate that I have to think like a complete idiot about this, too. Twenty nine K a year is peanuts for the service that’s gotten in exchange. If Councilors charged a pro-rata hourly billing, based on what their typical incomes are in private life, their actual worth to the city, it’d be one helluva lot more than a measly $29k a year.

Posted by “The Jordan Levy Show” on

Money – we all like it to varying degrees; we all need it; and some of us will do strange things to gather it up. Politics, some like it, some need it, and some will do strange things to win at it. There are differences though when it comes to running for Mayor in a City like Worcester, especially if you’re a well known incumbent. This Mayoral race pits two well known incumbents against one well organized political player, and another nice guy who’ll finish out of the running no matter how much money he has. So with the basic three front runners, how much money they spend will not be the defining difference in this race. Although their messages are different, this really comes down to two factors. 1) Name recognition and 2) Voter identification abilities. Money plays an insignificant role. The same does not hold true for an obscure newcomer. So as the final days approach, the amounts of money each of the three mayoral candidates have to spend is a total non issue.

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Michael Jackson’s This Is It Was Amazing

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When relatives in Louisiana told me about the Just of the Peace that was denying a couple a marriage license because they’re an interracial couple, it really got under my skin. OK, I’ll be honest here, I was  pissed and used a few choice expletives for the much needed exclamation point. You see, my father was born and raised in Louisiana, specifically New Orleans, and I lived in New Orleans too for a few years. When Keith Bardwell stated that, “I’m not a racist. I just don’t  believe in mixing the races that way”, the first thing that I thought was anyone that has to start their statement with “I’m not a racist” is full of it. Similarily, if someone begins a conversation with “truthfully speaking”; you know the lie is coming right after those words. While a Justice of the Peace is a quasi-judge and has jurisdiction over certain aspects of the law, this is one in which Keith Bardwell overstepped the boundaries. I wonder what the couple has done on the weeks since Mr. Bardwell’s decision and subsequent statements? I hope they chose to head to Las Vegas, because as we know, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and
they like their coffee with a cream and sugar!


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