Konnie responds …

Konnie Lukes has responded to the Coalition for Worcester Retirees demand that she release information about where her family has registered its cars since 1999 following a T&G column that revealed her husband, Jim, had two cars registered in Chatham. Lukes says the Coalition has launched a “smear campaign” against her family. Her response in a press release that just came in to Worcester Mag:
“My car has been registered in the city of Worcester, and I pay the excise tax on my car to the City of Worcester. The Worcester Treasurer’s office has assured me today that their records indicate I have done so since at least 1999. Whatever the members of my immediate and/or extended family do is their business, and certainly not an issue in this campaign or any other. The personal, private decisions of my immediate and extended family have no impact on how I have served or how I will serve as Mayor, and they have no impact on how other candidates might serve as Mayor.
“I am the candidate on the ballot for Mayor, not my relatives. My payments of taxes, fees, and surcharges are all up to date and complete according to the Treasurer’s office.”
“This is obviously intended as a distraction from real issues and, unfortunately, the leaders of the Coalition for Worcester Retirees are willing to sink to the lowest levels of attack, by attempting to drag my family members into their campaign against me. I led the charge for health insurance reform, saving the taxpayers millions of dollars, instead of submitting to the Coalition’s demands to increase their own benefits.”
Lukes went on to say she will provide the press with copies of the records that she received from the City Treasurer’s office confirming her vehicle registration and excise tax history.
“Unfortunately, this kind of retaliation is what you get when you stand up to special interest groups, which is why most politicians are afraid to do it.”
She described the Coalition’s move as “angry mob antics” and “thuggery.”

The release concludes:
Mayor Lukes further noted that she has, in the past, supported orders to enforce the rule that city residents register their vehicles in Worcester. She still supports this rule and has demanded that, if any member of her own family has not complied with it, they do so immediately.



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9 responses to “Konnie responds …

  1. mike

    dont think the retirees will be happy..mayor confrontation 2009 tonite? haha

  2. mary

    Yup, just like Ruth Madoff had nothing to do with her husband I am sure…

  3. Wally

    Jim Lukes does not pee without getting permission from Konnie. She knew exactly what was happening. She is a penny pincher who will do whatever she can to save a penny. She is trying to deflect this away from herself!

    Where is the follow up. Has anyone asked Dave Rushford if Jim Lukes will be allowed to vote on election day?

  4. SS

    Why is it always a “Smear campaign” when these bottom feeders get bagged?

  5. Wally

    SS – Maybe it is a “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”. Opps sorry, wrong party!

  6. Now I get it!
    That missing 100 bucks puts a major dent in the City’s budget. That means we can’t fund the Quinn Bill!
    I suggest that the City Clerk make all city retirees/voters prove where they register their vehicles.
    I’ve seen far to many Florida plates around the city.

  7. she

    I wonder if connie will come clean and show she registered her grey car she bought in 2007, but didn’t register in worcester until 2008. so much for her telling the truth…..the sea air must be getting to her…also…..did she pull a permit on the work she is having done right now on her law office…drive by and see for yourself

  8. Another Democrat

    Konnie and her husband were at the pickle barrel and gave a .25 tip on a $15 dollar bill. I guess they pay their fair share? NOT

  9. Yes really

    I saw Konnie Lukes kick a puppy dog the other day. Also, she beats children for fun and she steals money out of donation jars at the Big-Y. All true. If you don’t believe my anonymous post on the internet then you can confirm it with another anonymous post.

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