‘Fried’ candidates

Have we reached the point of overkill with these candidates’ forums/debates? By the time last night’s forum at Clark rolled around, the mayor candidates had done a dozen of these (they’d just been on Jordan Levy’s show earlier), and some confessed privately to being, as one candidate put it, “fried.” The Clark event had been scheduled as a standard Q&A&Rebuttal style debate, but before they went on Konnie Lukes asked if the format could be ditched in favor of a question-and-answer session with the audience members. Nobody protested, and that’s how it went off.



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3 responses to “‘Fried’ candidates

  1. For some of the School Committee forums, the audience has asked some of the best questions, particularly if they get to pick the person they want to answer it.

  2. zed

    Let the people ask. Who needs Roberta Schaefer?

  3. I’ll take an order of that with a large coke please.

    Seriously, what I’ve seen and heard in the three debates I’ve attended, I have to say it’s been pretty rough on the audience too, considering the lackluster and canned responses. Don’t those people have personalities?
    My favorite is the irascible Konnie Lukes.

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