Stop the Presses

Several councilors at Tuesday’s meeting were critical that the T&G had not written about the Police Department’s report on crime stats, which placed Worcester as one of the state’s safest cities with populations over 100,000. We can’t pretend to read the T&G’s mind, but typically if a report is released on Friday, as this was, it often won’t be written about at the earliest until Tuesday anyway because of skeleton news crews on the weekend and inaccessibility of the police until Monday (crime stats are sort of an “evergreen” topic that can be tackled at just about any time). Of course by Monday, the WPD’s “revised media policy” became the story.


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One response to “Stop the Presses

  1. A copious measure of skepticism should be applied regarding the WPD’s report. Considering the WPD has had IT issues for a couple months.
    Low ball it now, give Gemme the Quinn money for doing a “great job”, adjust it a couple months later when the system spits out the real numbers and then blame it on a problematic IT system.

    Remember kids, a copious measure of skepticism should always be applied to any information released by any government or corporation.

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