Blog Log Digital 10/19/2009

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

When magazines headlines invoke lines from famous Hip Hop songs, you know that the music’s range is significant. This week, NewsWeek called upon Eric B. & Rakim’s “I Aint No Joke” to dub Vice President Joe Biden as no joking matter. (I guess President Obama’s ratings, in NewsWeek’s eyes, has fallen so much, that he was not a good choice for this week’s cover?) Well, at least this way NewsWeeks sells some extra magaiznes and VP Biden gets some time to shine.

Posted by “jlynnefrank” on

Why did it have to snow in worcester creating black ice …..

Posted by “Will W. W.” on

Looks like after a decade of missed opportunities and dwindling readership, the T&G, the mainstay of the our bustling downtown, has decided to put out the For Sale sign. Yup, saw it the other day. Couldn’t believe my eyes. What is Wusta gonna do without em? Where are we gonna get the news? What’s gonna happen to poor Diane, Clive, and Cranky Bob? Who’s gonna take them in when they shutter it? Is there any room for them at InCity? Anyone got room on their blog for them? To heap more misery on the population, further down Franklin St. Sylvia’s dress shop is going out of business too. What’s next? Oh woe is us!

Posted by “Train Rider” on

Although we were running on a normal (i.e. non-holiday) schedule, the P508 was about five minutes behind schedule this morning, arriving at South Station at 8:28 AM. After picking up passengers in Natick, we had to back up to get a “running start” to make it past the leaves on the tracks. Now … call me crazy … but the tracks were not wet, so the leaves should have been dry, yes? The train cannot go over dry leaves? In addition to the leaves, the train was also on the opposite track this morning at the Grafton stop. You know, some notice would be nice, like an announcement on the message boards. But, that would require foresight. My favorite thing that happened this morning was when someone asked the conductor why we were on the opposite track and he growled back “I DON’T KNOW!” Awesome customer service!!

Posted by “Norajanem” on

five touchdown passes in the first half.. and in the snow!! tom brady, you proveyourself again..

Posted by “Paulie’s Point of View” on

Today, I drove by 8-10 Winfield Street in WooTown and I couldn’t help but notice that many of the windows were open and on a very brisk 41 degree mornin’ …… window had a large towel with a Harley Davidson emblem on it hanging out of it:>) How many of these do we have in WooTown? I bet 500 at least! Maybe more? Am I the only one that notices this stuff? Anyway, for all the “being green” that is talked about out here….who is speaking up about this issue? WooTown saves a few bucks creating one green bulding and it reduces it’s carbon imprint a wee bit and then it loses 20 times that savings and imprint with these problen properties that just seem to be every where within the urban core!!


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