Blog Log Digital 10/12/2009

Posted by “Pink Granite” on

The Boston Red Sox lost today. That means, as far as our Red Sox are concerned, the major league baseball season is over. We are not happy campers in this neck of the woods.

Posted by “Fire_Bad” on

There’s an old guy outside my market with a petition. Every time I walk by, he asks me if I want to sign his petition to reduce the sales tax. I decline and think to myself, if you’ve got one to increase the sales tax, maybe I’l sign that petition, but I have no interest in mixing it up with him. Guys that age get all red and shaky, knock shit over with flailing arms and get heart attacks. So fuck that. I give him the same answer I give the Jehovahs:
“I appreciate what you’re doing, but no thanks.”

Posted by “EXTRACHRIS_P” on

So now that Obama has the prize for something he is suppose to do in the future, will he have to give it back if he doesn’t succeed.

Posted by “Brent S. Abrahamson” on

They seem to be in short supply these days, but some Democrats are speaking out. We progressives have just about had enough of the broken promises from our own party and the ceaseless attempt by the Republicans to destroy the presidency of Barack Obama. I believe that those who will speak for ordinary Americans, those who are not afraid of the corporatists, those who refuse to be bought, will begin to emerge.

Posted by “Brendan Melican” on

Sat in on the Chamber of Commerce Mayoral debate last night in the relatively new Worcester Registry of Deeds, formerly known as the Worcester Common Outlets Food Court. Overall the event was no more exciting than a slice of cheese from the Sbarro franchise which used to sit in the very spot the debate was held. ll four candidates wobbled on that one with the predictable answers we’ve been hearing since this public records debacle began. But it raises the question, how can we take anything a politician says sincerely if they believe the public system they function in should not be open to scrutiny by the public they represent? Without real transparency in government there is little reason to have faith in any of the position papers, talking points and claims of general awesomeness all four candidates seem to be comfortable presenting.

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

I just scanned through all the items available online at the T&G website… Here it is, three weeks before a local election, but not a drop of ink has been spent on it today. There was a big Columbus Day parade yesterday, but the only picture I could find was one of Karyn Polito greeting a friend of the family on the sidelines. In the Money section, I found one of the most vapid and useless career advice pieces ever written. The front page story? Yard sale signs are illegal. The only sign I see here is content starvation… no real motivation… they only put this thing together for today’s deadline because they had to.

Posted by “Mike” on

Playboy will release its biggest issue yet on October 16, 2009 with the big blue haired, yellow goddess of Marge Simpson. That’s right, Marge Simpson! Homer’s wife? Mother of Bart, Lisa, and Maggie. What will Homer think? I don’t know just how many of these magazines ever had a cartoon character on the cover, but Playboy never had until now. Stars like Marilyn Monroe, Cindy Crawford, and the Hooters Girls have graced the cover. Now its Marge Simpsons’ turn. I think Hugh Hefner has been in that Payboy Mansion with those girls too long.

Posted by “LB Worm” on

As I mentioned the other day, the wife and I went to see Ian Anderson at Handover last night. I took some pictures, tried a couple videos. First one came out blurry, but sound is good. Second one, I decided to walk up to the stage for better results. The result was I was told I could not do that. Who knew? Sorry if this isn’t punk enough for you.
But, before there was punk, there was rock.  Pre-classic style.


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  1. Lee

    24 plus hours later, it’s still true.
    Hot Stove season is going to be long and extra stressful this year.
    Thanks for the mention!
    – Lee

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