Blog Log Digital 10/2/2009

Posted by “Jeff Barnard” on

There’s a Konnie Lukes story by Nick K in the paper today, and an article about the District Four Debate that took place on the radio three days ago. Truly boring stuff, to be sure. But this is the only thing that the T&G will be doing during this final month before the local election, since it’s not in their best interests to promote the fundamental importance of voting. Heh… unless, of course, they suddenly become public spirited, truly bi-partisan, “fair and balanced”, and actually provide some kind of service to the community as the most influential propagandists in town.

Posted by “EXTRACHRIS_P” on

The IOC thumbed their nose at the Obama’s request to have the olympics in Chicago. What a slap in the face to the Obama’s and those poor children of Chicago, oh and of course we can’t forget Oprah. How unfortunate. I’m pretty sure that most working people in America could give a rats ass weather we got the olympics or not, but I am pretty sure that most working people in America are pretty pissed off because they are sure that this whole useless trip was paid for by them.

Posted by “Will W. W.” on

“A republic if you can keep it”. Wise words, from a wise man – Benjamin Franklin. Monarchy, Oligarchy, Democracy, Republic, Anarchy. Take your pick. With all the nonsense going on in Washington and City Hall, it’s impossible to tell that we have a government, let alone what type. This month its looks like oligarchial socialism gone wild. Tip O’Neil once said, all politics are local. How right he is. That said, what is our local form of government? A council that refuses to listen to the voice of the people and where political ineptitude is the order of the day. Smells like anarchy in the chambers. So where does Wusta lie on the scale? Who knows. You’ll see what I mean. Just watch. Think your attention span can hold out 8 minutes? E pluribus Unum?

Posted by “Sirch One” on

if you have seen Zombieland don’t start quoting it like a d-bag. i hate it when unoriginal people quote new movies. don’t F it up people.

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

Massachusetts were getting excited to see Kanye West and Lady Gaga perform, and I know that folks in Worcester were even more excited to find out that the tour was going to bring Mr. West a/k/a/ “Mr. Iwillinterruptyouwhileyouarereceivinganawardtomakeanassoutofmyself” and Miss Lady a/k/a/ “Ms. IhavenevermetacostumethatIdidnotlike” to the DCU Center. Well, Live Nation is pulling the plug on the tour and no explanation is being given.

Posted by “Alexabels” on

Come to Acoustic Java after dark for the same great food at ridiculously low prices. From 6pm to 9pm, all sandwiches and salads are $1 off, and from 6pm until closing all freshly baked goods are just 99¢. Bring your own mug and save 10¢ on java.

Posted by “Chris Pearson” on

“NBC Universal executives declined to deny a report Wednesday night that Comcast, the cable giant, is in talks to buy the television and movie company from General Electric.” I am quoting the article as read on Crooks and Liars. Can you imagine if this turns out to be real? The Ultimate Media Marriage may not be the romance with consumers as some may want to expect. A 56 Billion dollar buy out from General Electric isn’t too shabby! Considering this news along with all the help they been getting from loose cable regulatory legislation and sweet franchise deals. I guess no wonder the cable industry is swinging these days. It’s not that they shouldn’t be profiting, it is what the people are not getting in return for rights of way, that more than often gets pushed aside.

Posted by “Kari Whitney” on

I know that a lot of people will disagree with me but I stand by my loathing of tofu- especially at posh places with highly esteemed chefs. Vegan is so much more than slabs of tofu and I will beg and plead any chef to break outside the box! Please and thank you in advance.


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  1. mike a

    who is updating the blog now that scott left?

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