Blog Log Digital 9/21/09

Posted by “Rawrbecker” on

Back from stART on the street. Loved it, Worcester feels like a totally different city during that festival.

Posted by “Margaret” on

Juggle Worcester’s usual spot, Elm Park, will be cold and snowy in the coming months, and we need help finding a new home! If you know of an indoor area with high ceilings in the city of Worcester that is available for us to use as a practice space for 1-2 nights a week, please shoot an email our way. Thanks!

Posted by “Bret M. Herholz” on

Well, apparently EVERYONE DOES care about me, my book, or my signature. But what a great day and what a great event!! I had a lot of fun at stART on the Street today. Both the turn out of people checking out the event and the artists and crafters involved just seems to get better every year. The people involved in putting stART together every year outdid themselves this year. Not to mention the weather was absolutely gorgeous today. I really think this was probably the best year yet for stART!! Now I’m looking forward to Holiday Art at the Station in December!! Thank you everyone who came out to check out the event. It was really nice to see quite a few familiar faces as well as some new friends I made at the show.

Posted by “Dee Wells” on

He is viewed as a phenomenal athlete and some may say that he was a God-send when Drew Bledsoe (remember him?) went down with a rib injury, but today Tom Brady looked beaten. The New England Patriots are playing the NY Jets in the Meadowlands in New Jersey and for all the talking that the Jets did, they backed it up with their play. Mark Sanchez, the Jets’ rookie quarterback, looked nervous and out of synch in the first quarter, but then seemed to call upon his USC playing experience and came out firing, and moving the ball. So, the soon-to-be-daddy for the second time, Brady, has to go back to the drawing board, and assess how they’re going to right their ship. In the meantime, it appears that Coach Bill will have to find some players that want to win and ‘Go Hard’.

Posted by “benlaverriere” on

Worcester is amazing; stART on the Street in particular is incredible. Now back to work….

Posted by “Pink Granite” on

According to an article in today’s Boston Globe: “Massachusetts Winemakers Push To Sell At Farmers’ Markets”. State Senator Jamie Eldridge, of the Middlesex and Worcester District, is described in the piece as the “lead sponsor of a bill that would permit wine tastings and sales at farmers’ markets .” I think it’s a great idea. Wineries are an important part of the Massachusetts economy, its agriculture and tourism. We love the farmers’ markets we go to. They offer an eclectic mix of fruits, vegetables, plants, eggs, meats, cheeses, preserves, breads and other baked goods produced by local farmers and small business owners. Allowing local wineries to present the fruits of their harvest would round things out nicely. A loaf of bread, a wedge of cheese, a bottle of Massachusetts wine, you and your favorite “thou” – sounds like the beginning of lovely day!

Posted by “The Grafton Garlic” on

After years of belittling Grafton residents who purchase homes in new developments, local writer Kay Whynot sought to make amends. He worked with McDonald’s Manager Cal Oreigh to develop a new product just for Grafton – the McMansion Meal. The meal comes in a large colonial shaped box and comes with a cheeseburger, fries, large drink, and a toy mortgage document. Whynot said “I thought it would be fitting to charge a little extra for the meal and make people put it on a credit card.” A small percent of sales will go to the Board of Selectman’s Hot Cocoa budget for cold-patch/plowing parties on unfinished developments. Whynot is also busy developing a new line of McSoccerMom and McSUV meals scheduled to launch in October.

Posted by “Bill Randell” on

Just drove down Main Street, complete mess in front of the Hadley and old Mart. The sidewalks were full of trash. It got me to thinking about the NRSA reports last week and that there is one facade pending for the Hadley. Lets think about this after the millions and millions of dollars that they already got from the government to build this low to mod income project that we do not need, we are going to give them our City CDBG monies to fund a facade program. Considering the state of the entire street, I can think of 100 facade that need work done more then the Hadley?


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