Rushton: No Mayor for me

For the past several weeks (slash 18 months), City Councilor Rick Rushton has been hammered with the same accusation: that he can’t get over the fact that he lost the mayoral race to Konnie Lukes in 2007.

Those claims come regularly against Rushton from the media and pols, especially whenever he does something like he did earlier this week, sending out a long missive blasting Lukes’ statements in Worcester Mag and the Telegram. In those remarks in Worcester Mag, Lukestalked about being a “transition” mayor, representative of ethnic and gender populations that haven’t been as well represented in political leadership in the city as the two traditional largest ethnic groups. In a press release, Rushton called such comments “divisive,” writing that “Suggesting men and women from one part of the globe have less of a capacity to welcome women, minorities, or immigrants than another ethnicity, race, or gender serves no purpose other than to spread hate.”

But on Tuesday, tired of being question – Telegram scribe Lee Hammel had just asked him once again if he was running for mayor – Rushton did the unexpected. Intent on proving he’s not seeking the seat, immediately grabbed a withdrawal form from City Clerk David Rushford, signed it in front of the gathered media, and took himself out of the mayoral run.


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One response to “Rushton: No Mayor for me

  1. Thank you Mr. Ruston!

    Any ideas on how to get rid of Lukes, Toomey and O’Brien??

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