Pols and their Polls

Who says politicians don’t care about public opinion polls in the media?

Last Tuesday, WTAG’s Jordan Levy show posted a simple poll question on their blog: “Who will you vote for in the Worcester Mayoral race?”

On Tuesday, the blog got 100+ hits.

On Wednesday, that jumped to almost 300 hits.

On Thursday, traffic skyrocketed to over 1100 hits.

That traffic (along with the 1000+ votes on the poll), were driven by the mayoral candidates themselves—both Joe O’Brien and Kate Toomey used their Facebook pages to drive supporters to vote, showing that even for the most unofficial of tallies, pols care how they finish.

O’Brien “won” the poll with 49% of votes cast; Toomey had 34%; Mayor Lukes finished with 17%



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4 responses to “Pols and their Polls

  1. Joe O’Brien also got half the votes in my poll, a month and a half ago.

    There should be a lot more online polling going on for these local races.

  2. It will be interesting to see what, if any, resemblance there is in the actual race to the online polls. I know there are some very active people online in Worcester, but I wonder what percentage of the voting population that is.

  3. Mary

    I’d argue that these polls reflect a very small proportion of the eligible voting population – agreeing with Tracy. How many people will vote who don’t read the blogs, don’t listen to radio, don’t access the internet? There is also a demographic skew considering those questions. Online polling cannot give an accurate view of how the elections will turn out. From past experience, major national polls can’t reliably do the same either.

    Of course pols care how they finish. What matters most is how the election finishes on November 3!

  4. As you all know, they are irrelevant.
    Do you know how easy it is to manipulate them? The next time I’ll make Lukes the winner.
    As for the % of the voting public. Well, it was just me and a buddy, so that makes it about 0.00000032%.

    OBie for mayor!
    Opps, I meant Lukes for mayor!
    Wait, wait I meant Toomey for mayor!

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